Aaron Rodgers Appears Ready To Play Against The Miami Dolphins, And That Is A Good Thing

Rodgers Will Most Likely Play
Some of you may remember my post before the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets game where I said I wanted Darelle Revis to be healthy for the game because I didn't want to hear excuses from Jets fans as to why they lost.

Admittedly, the Jets still won without Revis, but that is beside my point.

My point is that I want teams to play the Dolphins when they are at their best. The Packers will still have to play without TE Jermichael Finley, but he is not as important as Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback, and it is always exciting to watch how Miami's defense is able to do against great quarterbacks.

We can use this game to prove to others (and ourselves) that the Dolphins defense is capable of stopping some of the best offenses. I do believe in our defense and their abilities, but 2-2 doesn't really instill much faith in the team to this point.

I like winning games against teams at full power. It just isn't as satisfying to beat a team without their best player(s), and the Dolphins are very capable of beating the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers are getting Rodgers, but the Dolphins are also likely getting key players on defense back in Channing Crowder and Jared Odrick.

Getting both Odrick and Crowder back helps put the defense in a much better position, and they will no longer have to move players around to fill in holes.

Yes, getting Odrick and Crowder back may not be as huge as the Packers getting Rodgers back, but them returning will still be huge for our defense and should be a big factor in how the defense performs.

Thanks everyone for reading. I know it seems kind of slow right now in terms of news on the Miami Dolphins, but things will pick up I promise. Let me know what you think about Rodgers returning, though.

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