Chad Ochocinco Shows Vontae Davis A Surprising Amount Of Respect

Maybe He Just Wants More Dolphins Fans To Follow Him On Twitter
I know it may be hard, but it is time to move on from the Pittsburgh game. Yes, we should have gotten that ball. Everyone knows it, but that doesn't change the fact that we ended up with a loss. It's time to focus on next week against the Bengals, so here's something good:

If you have not heard the comments by Chad Ochocinco about the Miami Dolphins defense, and specifically Vontae Davis, here they are courtesy of NFL Fanhouse:

"That damn defense is really good man. Seriously, Vontae Davis is really good so I'm looking forward to that challenge. And 91, what's 91's name? (He is talking about Cameron Wake). Tell him to slow down a little bit. Every freaking play he has a motor, so it's going to be awesome."

(Talking about Vontae)
"Based off of what I've seen on film and the consistency that he's had, you know everybody gets beat but when you watch Vontae play and you see someone like himself be able to put himself to be in position every time, at least to make a play on the ball, that puts you in that upper echelon of cornerbacks. That's what I see in him, so I'm looking forward to that and really gauging myself and it will tell me where my game is, regardless of how long I've been playing and what I've done in the past. Going against a corner like this, it lets me know where I am as far as being still an elite receiver."

That is high praise by Ochocinco, who is a great receiver despite not performing like his normal self this season. Vontae has been incredibly good this year and he hardly ever gets beat by a receiver.

I just like that Chad Ochocinco appreciates his work. Most of the time you would just expect him to talk trash, but not this time.

What I am not sure of, though, is how serious Ochocinco is being with these comments. Is he just trying to get Vontae off guard, or does he really believe what he said? I mean, everything he said about Davis sounds about right, but you never know with him.

I am just curious to see how Vontae responds to Ochocinco. He will probably end up complimenting Ochocinco, too, but you can't be sure.

There will also be a good chance that Vontae covers Chad this Sunday, too, because it seems like he is always covering the second best receiver. I can never tell why, but he just never seems to be covering the best receiver on opposing teams except when he was covering Randy Moss with New England.

Anyways, it will be interesting to see Davis covering Ochocinco because normally you hear about battles between players who talk trash to each other during the previous week. Only this time it will be players who complimented each other before the week if Vontae responds like I think he will.

Stay tuned, because I will have something more about the Dolphins tomorrow.

And on a side note, Brandon Marshall has 42 receptions so far this season, which means he needs to get 5.8 receptions for the rest of the regular season if he wants to reach 100. Sorry I didn't put the update in the game recap. I was just pissed off about the game, and I am willing to bet nobody noticed that I didn't include the Marshall update because they were pretty pissed themselves.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment responding to anything in the above post.

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