Congratulations To Ricky Williams On Reaching 6000 Yards

Remember That Hair?
It's hard to believe that he is one of the top rushers for the Miami Dolphins already.

I know that Ricky has been around a while, but it doesn't seem that long ago that Ricky came from the Saints to the Dolphins and began tearing up defenses routinely. It has, though, and he is very close to retiring.

Anyways, Ricky Williams became only the second Miami Dolphins running back to reach 6000 career rushing yards during Sunday's game against the Green Bay Packers. He is behind Larry Csonka for the most by a Dolphins RB by 725. Csonka has 6737 yards.

Just imagine how many yards he would have had if he hadn't left in the middle of his career. I know that he probably wouldn't be doing as well right now if he had played before, but he would have been playing more during the prime of his career. He was just coming off a 1372 yard season when he left. I can only guess what he would have been able to do if he hadn't left after that season.

It may also be possible for Ricky to pass Csonka this season, but that is highly unlikely because of how he has done so far in these first 5 games. If he wants to pass Csonka's mark he will probably have to come back next season, and I am pretty sure he won't base his decision to come back on breaking a team record.

The big question that I want to ask you guys is would you like Ricky Williams to pass Larry Csonka? Do you want him to, basically, be the best running back in Miami Dolphins history? I honestly wouldn't mind Ricky passing him at all, but there may be some fans who don't want somebody with a questionable past to be considered the greatest running back in Dolphins history.

My argument to those of you who don't want Ricky to pass Csonka is that Ricky is a changed man, and he has learned from his mistakes. What is remarkable is that he has been able to overcome those mistakes and continue to be successful in the NFL.

Just my opinion, but I do want to hear yours. Do you want Ricky to pass Csonka or not? Let me know with your comments.

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