Don't they get it ?

What's with this team ? Look at the Players the team has.. Davis, Dansby, Wake, Langford, Starks, and Bell on defense. Long, Carey, Brown, Williams, Henne, Polite, Bess, and Marshall on offense. That's a pretty good looking core of players isn't it ?

As a team, don't you think they are as good as most of the teams that made the playoffs last year ? I do, yet what are we seeing ? Interceptions, fumbles, special team melt downs nearly every week. What is this all about ?

I mean really aren't we as good as the Jets, and the Patriots ? It's really not that hard to win this division with the players above mentioned playing for this team. So why do I have a feeling we are headed for the same results we have seen for the past decade. If this team follows the pattern of the past we will be out of playoff hunt by week 8 leaving behind nothing more than that empty feeling we are so accustomed to, with more excuses as to why it happened.

Don't they get it ? This team is good enough to get into the Super Bowl. Not only that, they are good enough to win it !!! But they don't get it, and that's the reason we see those Interception, fumbles, and special team melt downs. That's the reason they lose games they have within their control to win as they did in the past 2 weeks.


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