Game Time Is Coming Up: Give Me Your Predictions For The Miami Dolphins

Game Time!!!
Hey everyone, Monday night is upon us and I want to hear what you think the outcome of this game will be.

Just post a comment below and predict who will win, the final score, and what will be the main reason for the victory or defeat? After that you can just put a little(or big) explanation saying why you think the result will be what it is.

Here are my predictions that you can use as an example:

Miami Dolphins beat New England Patriots 28-17.

The Dolphins defense is a big factor and they will limit Brady to average numbers thanks in part to their ability to pick Brady off. He has been known to throw a good number of interceptions against the Miami Dolphins, so I don't think this game will be any different.

This is just a little activity to get your mind ready for some football, so let me hear it!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for an analysis and reaction on tonight's game.

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