The Miami Dolphins Are Fun To Watch On The Goal Line

The Dolphins Were Able To Shut This Man Down For A Big Win In Week 2

I love watching the Miami Dolphins when they are on the goal line, and no, I don't mean they are fun to watch when they are on offense on the goal line.

I mean when they are on defense.

Miami is very good at goal line stands, and because of that opposing offenses who have the ball with a first and goal at the 1-yard line aren't always automatically going to score a touchdown.

Not against the Miami Dolphins defense, at least.

The Dolphins defense made their first statement in Week 2 against Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings offense when they stuffed Peterson on the goal line. Not only was that stop incredible because it was Adrian Peterson who normally breaks a million tackles running the ball. It was also incredible because they were able to do it late in the game when they were tired, and being tired just makes things worse when you are playing somebody like AP.

Peterson had been running well all night, and almost everyone watching thought he would be able to easily score, but the Dolphins defense had other plans for him.

The next statement by the Dolphins defense, and the one that really lets us know they are seriously good at stopping offenses at the goal line is the one they made last Sunday against the Green Bay Packers.

You may not even remember the Dolphins stand, and that is because Aaron Rodgers was able to score on a dive up the middle on 4th down, but trust me, even though Green Bay scored the Dolphins defense still did an incredible job stopping them until that down.

The Packers had the ball with a first down on the 1-yard line, and most people assumed that they would score pretty easily, but once again the Dolphins had other plans.

Green Bay tried to run the ball in three different times with Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn, but every time they were stuffed before they gained anything.

The only reason the Packers were able to score on 4th down was that they lined up in a spread offense and tricked Miami into thinking they were going to pass it because running wasn't working. Aaron Rodgers fooled me when he ran it instead, and I am pretty sure he fooled the rest of the Dolphins defense.

But other than that play Miami was able to really shut the packers down, and that should be very encouraging for Dolphins fans.

So next time you see the Dolphins on defense at the goal line you can remember that Miami's opponent won't automatically score. It is very possible that the Dolphins will be able to hold them to a field goal or a turnover on downs.

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