The Miami Dolphins Are Growing Stronger As The Green Bay Packers Are Growing Weaker

All I can say is if we don't win this game I will be severely disappointed.

It's Good To See Odrick Back

The Miami Dolphins head to Green Bay this weekend to play the Packers, and the odds are definitely in their favor.

Not only are the Dolphins possibly getting back LB Channing Crowder, DE Jared Odrick, and G John Jerry, but it is also possible that the Packers will lose QB Aaron Rodgers along with TE Jermichael Finley who is already out.

So assuming that Aaron Rodgers is out, not only will the Dolphins be better than they have so far this season, but the Packers will be a whole lot worse.

Getting Odrick back is probably the best of all the players possibly returning this week because his absence forced the defensive line to shift a bit. Randy Starks, who was supposed to be moved to Nose Tackle, had to be moved to defensive end because Odrick was out.

Now, Odrick can come back in at the end and let Starks work his magic at tackle.

On top of that the Dolphins will gain extra experience with Channing Crowder back at LB. Crowder is an important player on this team, and with him and Karlos Dansby leading the way this defense should do much better.

And, everything mentioned above is just the best returning players for the Miami Dolphins without even talking about who the Packers are losing.

Green Bay's biggest loss is obviously Aaron Rodgers due to a concussion. I understand that he has not been officially ruled out of Sunday's game yet, but it is highly unlikely that he will play because of the rules and regulations set by the NFL on how to handle concussions.

With Rodgers gone the Packers will turn to 3rd year QB Matt Flynn, who has never started an NFL game before and has only thrown 17 total passes in NFL games. Call me crazy, but I'm excited to see how our defense will do against such an inexperienced QB.

And while having Rodgers gone is a huge blow to the Packers, that blow is doubled because Jermichael Finley is also gone. Yes, Flynn will have Greg Jennings and Donald Driver to throw to, but Finley is the most important target.

And, I don't mean that because of Finley's statistics so far, either. A lot of times when a young quarterback drops back to throw and his receivers are covered he will have his tight end to throw to as a safety blanket. Without a talented safety blanket like Jermichael Finley Flynn might try and force the ball somewhere else and throw an interception.

Things look great for the Dolphins this week. Let's just hope they can actually win and not lose off of ridiculous special teams play.

Thanks everyone for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment. I apologize for leaving this weekend and only getting one post up. I am back now, though, and I will go back to my normal pattern of writing every day.

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