Miami Dolphins Keys To The Game: Chad Henne Needs To Play Really Well

One thing the New England Patriots are good at is putting up points, and if the Miami Dolphins want to beat them then they will need to put up points of their own.

In order to do that the Dolphins will need Chad Henne to be on target and play well Monday night. Miami has not been very successful running the ball, and they do not want to have to use it as a crutch because of a failed passing offense.

The Patriots passing defense has been prone to give up a lot to opposing quarterbacks, and I don't believe Henne is going to be any exception. New England is the 27th worst passing defense with 260.3 yards allowed per game, and they are 28th worst in points allowed with 27.3 allowed per game.

It is a favorable match-up for sure, but the game is yet to be played, and anything can happen. Henne has a great chance to come out and play well, but it is still not going to be easy. He will still be playing NFL-caliber players, and each game is going to be a challenge.

What I want to see from Henne is an ability to not just focus on one receiver during a play. I want him to see that his first option is covered and move on to his next option. We need him to stop staring at who he is going to throw the ball to for the entire play and start being a little more unpredictable. He may not be able to stop completely staring for a while, though. He still has to develop, and that will take time.

But, every game he plays is that much more experience gained.

The interesting thing to me is that even though Henne stares down his targets he is still able to be successful. It will work most of the time, but the problem gets to be when safeties realize from film how Henne stares down his target. When they realize what Henne does they can really start to tell what Henne is going to do.

So, let's hope Henne develops out of his staring quickly because we don't want defenses to be able to anticipate where he is going to throw it and jump in for the interception.

Be sure to look at the direction Chad Henne's head points towards and where his eyes are looking. Hopefully he won't just be staring at one person for the whole play every play. We can't afford for him to be predictable Monday night.

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