Miami Dolphins Keys To The Game: Find Balance On Offense

We Need To See More Of These Two Sunday
The problem with the Miami Dolphins this year is they don't have any type of identity. We don't know whether they are a passing or running team. They probably don't even know what they are, and that is a problem.

What we need to beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday is for our offense to find a balance between both running and passing and not rely too heavily on either.

When the Dolphins rely too much on running or passing the ball they become one-dimensional and really struggle to score. Miami needs to be able to do both without overloading on one or the other.

If the Dolphins throw the ball too much they risk Chad Henne throwing interceptions, and interceptions can really swing the momentum away. When they run the ball too much they struggle to get first downs, and then they have to punt the ball away.

Basically, leaning too much on either is bad for the Dolphins and doesn't put points on the board. If we want the Miami Dolphins to score a lot of points, then we need them to find a good balance between the two. Balancing will help keep the ball in Dolphins hands and not the Packers, which is important when you are facing a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers with two receivers like Donald Driver and Greg Jennings.

The Packers are the 8th best team in the NFL in points allowed, and that means problems for Miami if they are unable to balance the offense out enough to score.

Green Bay is also the 8th best in the NFL in points scored. So, if the Dolphins want to be able to win this game they will need to score a lot to match the Packers offense, which is something they have not seemed capable of doing thus far.

Miami's passing game has been pretty good in the last two weeks, but it has come at the sacrifice of the running game, and that is a problem. I believe that we can do just as well with the passing game while running the ball more. Running will keep the defense on their toes, which will help open up the passing game more.

Sure, it is fun to see a successful passing offense, but the passing offense can only do so much without a running game to accompany it. If we want to see the offense reach its full potential we need to use Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams more, and Sunday's game against the Packers would be a great time to start because Green Bay will probably be without LB Clay Matthews, who is a big threat to backs.

I will admit that I wanted the Dolphins to be a pass-heavy team, and discussion in the commenting section of one of my articles has swayed my opinion a little bit. I still believe they need to pass more than they run, but I agree that it is necessary to run the ball consistently in order to keep the defense guessing. Passing the ball is no good when other teams know that the pass is coming and not a hand-off.

So, let's hope that the Dolphins can find a balance to the offense by running the ball more or they may end up continuing their losing skid and drop to under .500 for the season.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think the Miami Dolphins will need to do to win on Sunday.

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