Miami Dolphins Lose To Pittsburgh On Terrible Call

Terrible calls like that just make me want to watch baseball.

Late in the fourth quarter when the Miami Dolphins were winning 22-20 Ben Roethlisberger dropped back and then ran the ball towards the end zone one a 3rd and goal. As Roethlisberger dived towards the end zone Chris Clemons tackled him and forced a fumble before Roethlisberger crossed the goal line.

The call on the field was a touchdown, and Tony Sparano threw the challenge flag saying that it was a fumble.

After reviewing the play the referee came out on to the field and said that Roethlisberger did fumble the ball before he crossed the goal line, but he didn't give the Dolphins the ball because apparently you couldn't tell which team recovered the fumble.

The thing is that you could tell who got it. Not only did two different Dolphins players jump on the ball, but Miami's DE Iakika Alama-Francis came up with the ball when the pile was cleared up.

The ref didn't acknowledge that, though. Instead he made it 4th down, and the Steelers were able to kick a field goal to take the lead that they would keep for the win.

What makes me mad is we had a huge chance to beat the Steelers, but that chance was taken away from a bad call.

That's all I have for now, so let me finish this before I break my laptop.

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