The Miami Dolphins Need To Hold On To Vontae Davis

Guess What Happens Next

I believe that Vontae Davis is the second most important player on the Miami Dolphins behind only Chad Henne.

Vontae Davis is a young and talented player whom the Miami Dolphins drafted in the first round of the 2008 draft. He is a playmaker who the Dolphins can count on to make big plays.

But, I think the biggest thing that Davis adds to this team is his mentality.

He has a winner's mentality, and that sort of mentality can be contagious for the rest of the team. He always plays to win, and it you can really tell that he cares how the team does.

Some players will just show up and "do their job" without really caring too much about how the team does. They just want to get their paychecks and go home. Other players don't care so much for the team as they do about their individual performance. They don't mind if the team loses as long as they are able to do well.

I can tell you that Vontae Davis is neither of those players. Sure he wants to get a big salary and to do well individually, but he is really concerned with winning football games. He is the type of player that a franchise needs to pay a lot of money and never let go, because those types of players turn into leaders real fast and make huge contributions whenever they are on the field.

I will be honest. I have never met Vontae, and I don't really know what he is like as a person. I follow him on twitter, but 140 words don't really tell you much about people. I do believe that he is concerned about the Dolphins winning, though. You can just see it by the way he plays.

He is extremely energetic, and when he makes a big play you can just see how excited he gets. Heck, the man even hurt himself from celebrating after he made a play. Other teammates feed off of that type of energy, and it can really help get a team fired up.

He is the type of player that people should want to follow instead of the TO's and Ochocinco's. Those guys may be interesting, but I'm pretty sure they care more about themselves than the team.

And, without Vontae the Dolphins could very well be 1-3 right now. If he hadn't helped Karlos Dansby on the 4th down goal line stand against the Vikings the Dolphins might have very well lost.

Basically, we need to keep Vontae on this team for as long as he is willing to be here. He will be a key to a successful Miami Dolphins team, and we can't really afford to lose him.

Let me know what you think about Vontae on the Dolphins with a comment. Thanks or reading.

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