Miami Dolphins Win 22-14 Despite Too Many Field Goals

Apparently This Man Is The Dolphins MVP

I never thought I would hate when the Dolphins score a certain way, but now I dread seeing them add three points to the board. The Miami Dolphins score entirely way too many field goals.

I just don't understand how the Dolphins offense is able to move pretty deep into enemy territory consistently and then can't ever get into the end zone. I do know that it is 99% Dan Henning's fault, though.

I think it is time to fire Henning, or at least start looking for his replacement. He just doesn't seem capable of calling the right plays when Miami's offense is close to scoring. He is too conservative, and that puts more pressure on our defense because field goals aren't exactly the best way to build a lead and give the defense a cushion.

Miami has a bunch of talent, and Dan Henning doesn't know how to use it. He is lucky with what he has, and if he had a team that was any less talented he would have probably been fired already.

If you tell most fans of other teams that their team will be able to score 6 times in their next game, then they would probably be pretty excited. Not a Miami Dolphins fan, though. Most Dolphins fans would know that most of those scores would be field goals, and that the defense would have to really carry the team.

It is just annoying to watch, and someone needs to be held accountable. That someone should be Dan Henning. Fire him and bring in somebody who knows how to score. That is all I ask.

Let it be known, there is one good thing we can take away from Miami's terrible knack for only getting field goals. That is that Dan Carpenter will definitely represent the Dolphins in the Pro Bowl. How could he not if he gets five field goals every game?

Marshall Watch
Brandon now has 47 receptions. That leaves him needing 5.8 receptions per game to reach 100, and I am very, very confident he will be able to do it.

Let me know what you think about the game, and thanks for reading.

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