Monday Night's Game Is The First Elite Test For The Miami Dolphins Secondary This Season

Say what you want to in support of Brett Favre, but he is nowhere near where he was last year. Nobody can argue against that point with any accuracy.

Jason Allen Has A History Against Randy Moss
He just isn't what he used to be, and his poor performance so far means that the Miami Dolphins secondary has yet to face an extremely dangerous QB yet this season.

That is about to change when Tom Brady and the Patriots come in to town Monday night.

Tom Brady is an elite quarterback.

Whether or not you hate him doesn't matter. He is elite, and he knows how to win, which is why it will be such a challenge for the Dolphins secondary this week to try and stop him.

So far we are not quite sure how good this Dolphins defense really is. They have shown an ability to make big plays, but they have also given up just as many big plays.

It will be a toss-up when predicting how the Miami D will do. They could do really well and hold Brady to average or even bad numbers, or they could do not so well and give up big plays that put the team in a hole.

I want to think that we will be able to hold him, but I am not really sure. I believe the deciding factor for how the Miami Dolphins secondary does this week is Jason Allen.

Jason Allen is the wildcard in this game. The game will most likely depend on how well he does.

No pressure big fella, but the game is riding on your shoulders.

When Allen plays well like he did against Brett Favre the Dolphins are much more likely to win than if he plays poorly like he did against the Jets. Those things will happen when you haven't been starting for very long, so I am not at all concerned about Allen.

Allen has been beat by Randy Moss before, so it will be interesting to watch the matchup between the two if Allen does end up covering Moss. Randy Moss (6'4") is three inches taller than Jason Allen (6'1"), so that puts the Dolphins at an immediate disadvantage.

What Dolphins defensive coordinator Mike Nolan should do is put Vontae Davis on Moss. Davis is even smaller than Jason Allen at 5'11", but he is an incredible defender. It would make sense to have him cover Moss, but you never know with these Dolphins coaches.

I do hope that Sean Smith plays well this week. It would great to see him covering Moss successfully. He sure has the height to do it. That is just what I want as a huge fan of Smith, though. I don't know how much he will actually be used Monday night.

We'll see. Let's hope that Miami is able to contain Brady enough for a win. I like winning, and I want the Dolphins to do a little bit more of it.

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