Race To 100: Will Brandon Marshall Meet The 100 Receptions Mark WIth The Miami Dolphins?

This Is Brandon Marshall's Target
I am sorry to anyone who does not like following individual player milestones, because that is what this post is all about.

Some people do not really care much about how individual players perform, but I'm not one of those people.

I love following individual players and tracking their performance. That just makes football even more fun to me, which is why I love having Brandon Marshall on the Miami Dolphins.

He has had 100+ receptions in his last three seasons, and he has the chance to make this his fourth season in a row with 100 or more receptions. But, we are not sure whether he will make it just yet, which is why it is interesting to write about his progress and what he will have to do from here on.

But, my main question is whether he will be able to reach the 100 mark this year, so let's dive right in.

Marshall is currently on track to reach 100. He has 27 receptions, and we are a quarter of the way through the NFL season. If he wants to catch 100 footballs this season he will have to catch 6 receptions per game along with one 7-reception game.

That seems like a lot of receptions, but if there were anyone who can catch that many it would be Brandon Marshall. The man is a reception king, and he is the perfect receiver for the Miami Dolphins offense that doesn't throw the ball long very often. The Dolphins have started to throw longer, but for the most part they throw a lot of medium-ranged passes that are great for giving receivers more receptions.

I believe he can do it. He may have a game or two where he doesn't get as many receptions, but, believe me he will make up for it with big games every once in a while.

Chad Henne, who many were concerned would slow Marshall's production down, has started to put up good numbers, and his good play is greatly benefiting Marshall's reception count. It would be a mistake to throw it to anyone else, either, so I don't plan on Henne looking anyone else's way more often than he does at Marshall.

Let's just hope that the Dolphins allow Henne to continue throwing it enough to help Marshall.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and let me know whether you think Marshall will reach 100 this year. If you are interested in keeping track I will be following his receptions from now on, so be sure to check back on game recaps.

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