Refs Messed Up Dolphins Game Against Pittsburgh Again

Not that you guys probably want to be reminded about the referees messing up the Steelers game, but here is something else they messed up on.

The Dolphins very last offensive play before the turnover-on-downs against the Steelers will be counted as an interception for Chad Henne.

If you remember, the ball was knocked from Chad Henne's hands as he started to throw it, and the ball hit the ground while a Pittsburgh defender was trying to intercept it.

Replays showed that the Steelers defender obviously didn't intercept the ball, and we all assumed that it was just considered an incompletion. It wasn't, though, and while it doesn't affect the result of the game, it is just another mistake that the officiating crew made late in the game.

But, that is not the main idea of this post. I know the title makes it sound like it, but I have to say the following.

I am going to use the rest of this post to talk about a complaint I have about how the mistake by the officials of last Sunday's game have been handled. I am sorry to anyone who doesn't want to hear more about last week's game, but I was thinking about this and it got me pretty mad. So, I figured I would write about it.

But, before I say anything else, let me get this across. I don't hate any of the referees who were officiating the Dolphins-Steelers game. I understand that people make mistakes, and nobody is perfect.

What I don't like, though, is that the NFL (or somebody representing them) has not apologized for the mistake made late in the game. Referees make mistakes, and normally instant replay can fix those mistakes, but this time it didn't, and the referees' mistakes cost Miami the game.

Sure, referees are obligated to think quickly and make decisions quickly, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have tried to see who recovered the ball. Their mistake was that they didn't bother to see which team ended up with the ball. The call may have been a touchdown, but you never know what could happen. It wouldn't have been that hard to see who had the ball, but they didn't.

I do not hate the refs, and I am not questioning that they are good at their jobs. I believe they are honest and fair referees, but they aren't perfect. I just want to hear an apology for the mistake. Call me weird because it won't actually change the outcome of the game, but I want the NFL to acknowledge it wasn't handled correctly.

Please leave a comment on what you think the NFL should do. Am I alone in wanting an apology? Let me know below with your comment.

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