Say It Ain't So: Jared Odrick's Injury Throws A Huge Wrench In The Miami Dolphin's Plans

You just hate it when an injury cuts short a player's season.

The Miami Dolphins first round draft pick Jared Odrick fractured his leg Wednesday, and now he is going to be out for the rest of the season. Odrick was finally returning to practice and seemed to be recovering well from his previous hairline fracture before he reinjured the leg Wednesday during practice.

This is terrible news for the Dolphins because all of their plans for the defensive line depended on Odrick playing.

Miami was supposed to move Randy Starks to nose tackle this year after he had played at defensive end for his entire career, and drafting Jared Odrick was exactly what the Dolphins needed to allow Starks to move in at tackle.

While Odrick was injured earlier this season the Dolphins had to move Starks back to defensive end and stick Paul Soliai in as the nose tackle. So, I expect that they will keep the same lineup with him being gone for the rest of the year. This lineup hasn't been especially terrible for Miami, but they could have been so much more dangerous with both Starks and Odrick on the line.

Just imagine what it would be like if we had Odrick back. We would have Odrick and Kendall Langford in at the ends with Starks at the tackle. Pair those three with Cameron Wake who will sometimes be on the line, and it would be hard not to get excited about the potential damage they could do to opposing offenses.

I feel bad for the kid, though, because he was only able to play in one game and get one tackle in his whole rookie season. Let's just hope that when he gets healthy again that he will be able to get back in shape and return for next season.

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