Sean Smith Will Finally Get A Chance Again Starting For The Miami Dolphins

Much to my delight, the Miami Dolphins will apparently be starting Sean Smith against the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday.

Sean Smith
Smith said that he would be starting during a radio interview Thursday Morning, and it makes sense to me.

He was replaced by Jason Allen as a starting CB at the beginning of the season, and he hasn't started since then. If you don't remember Sean started every game last season as a rookie, so it was a little weird that he hadn't started at all this year.

Allen did start out the season playing well. He had 2 interceptions against Brett Favre, and he leads the team in interceptions this season with 3. That statistic is not a good indicator of his performance, though. The reason he has more interceptions than Vontae Davis is because quarterbacks are much more reluctant to throw the ball in Vonate's direction.

They know Davis is capable of batting down the ball or intercepting it so they don't throw it at him. They do, however, throw it at Jason Allen a lot, and the fact that he has only gotten three interceptions so far is a little disappointing. This was supposed to be his comeback year after not playing too well since the Dolphins drafted him 16th overall in the 2006 NFL Draft, but he is almost always the defender beat by opposing receivers.

I have not completely given up on Allen, because he hasn't been playing terrible, but he hasn't been good enough to match up one-on-one with the top receivers in the league.

My hope is that Sean Smith will be able to match up better than Allen. He has the size, and I am confident he will be able to handle "enemy" receivers.

He is my favorite player on the Dolphins defense, so he better.

What I like so much about him is his confidence. To be the best you have to think you are the best, and Sean Smith does. His mindset is his strength, and any athlete who wants to be successful needs to have a confident mindset, in my opinion.

We will see how Smith does. From what I can tell Smith and Allen will be rotating in and out, so watch and see who does better because it will mean they will probably get the starting nod.

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