Anthony Fasano Gets Well Deserved Contract Extension When The Miami Dolphins Need Him Most

Anthony Fasano received a two-year contract extension yesterday, just two days after his huge performance against the Tennessee Titans.

Fasano had 5 receptions for 107 yards and a touchdown, and he was a big reason Tyler Thigpen did so well late in the game. When Thigpen was in trouble and scrambling to the side, it was Fasano who had the presence of mind to get open for a big reception down the field from Thigpen.

Fasano's real impact, though, had been his unselfishness and his ability to block. Coach Sparano had this to say about Fasano when answering questions after it was announced he received the extension:
"He's blocking well. ... He's been really productive for us that way and really good for the young guys. He's tremendous for the young players and hasn't been really selfish at all. He's the kind of guy we really want to have around"
The Miami Dolphins are going to need Fasano more than ever now that we have Tyler Thigpen in. He may need extra protection help because of the injury to Jake Long, and Fasano's receiving skills will be crucial for when Thigpen scrambles looking for a receiver like he did against Tennessee when he and Fasano connected.

The actual extension will keep Fasano on the Miami Dolphins for two more years, and is worth as much as $7.75 million dollars. The contract includes two $75,000 workout bonuses(one for each year), and a $2.1 million signing bonus according to

I am very pleased that they made this move, and it is good that they recognize the need to keep as much talent for the future as possible. I have a good feeling about the Thigpen-Fasano connection for the Miami Dolphins. They were great together in the 4th quarter. I can't wait to see them work together for a whole game.

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