Dan Henning Announces That Miami's Offense Is Still Going To Be The Same Despite The Quarterback Switch

Without even meaning to, Dan Henning has just announced his incompetence as a coach.

But, before I elaborate on my point let me ask you a few questions:

1. Would you agree that Chad Henne and Chad Pennington have completely different strength's and weaknesses as a quarterback?

2. Would you agree, then, that they require different styles of offense and offensive play calling?

3. If you were the offensive coordinator, would you not cater your offense around your quarterback by calling plays that utilize his strengths instead of his weaknesses?

Hopefully you answered yes to all three of those questions, because they are all obvious answers. The only problem is that, apparently, Dan Henning thinks all three of those answers are no.

Henning has completely ignored the fact that Henne and Pennington play with different quarterback styles, he has ignored the fact that they require different play calling, and he apparently doesn't believe that the plays he calls should work well with the quarterback who is throwing the ball.

No, instead of doing the above he has decided to force Chad Henne to play like Chad Pennington, and it has resulted in a 28th-worst scoring offense and the benching of Henne, who I believe is a young quarterback with huge potential.

All because Henning is too stubborn to change things around.

You may be wondering, "Paul, what makes you say he hasn't catered the offense to Henne's skills? Henne has still thrown the ball deep periodically."

First, Henning obviously hasn't let Henne throw the ball deep enough this year. The Dolphins passing offense has only had two plays of 40 or more yards in the entire season. Only four other teams have thrown for less, and it is embarrassing for the Miami Dolphins offense to not have thrown the ball that far more often with a quarterback who's arm is as strong as Henne's.

That is only the proof that I could come up with through my own research about him not changing the offense around for Henne. Here is proof coming from the man himself. Dan Henning said the following during his press conference:

This question was asked:
"Does Chad Pennington have greater freedom to call audibles than Chad Henne and does the list of plays change based on the quarterback change?

His answer:
Same. Same. The list of plays are based on who we're playing. I don't think we'll have a different scope of things. You obviously know different people see things differently. They read things differently. When it comes down to the quarterback you have judgment that takes place so you might see him do something that you didn't see Henne do. You also might see him do something that Chad did do that might not be as good. That's what you live with whenever you make that type of change.

Henning said a lot in that quote, but the thing that I want you to pay attention to is the beginning of his quote. He said that the list of plays would not change, and they depend on whom Miami plays.

Basically, he is saying that he has the same plays for Henne that he did for Pennington, and he does not recognize the need to change the plays around.

I really hope that the Dolphins do fire Henning at the end of this season. He works better with Pennington, so I think that we have a better chance to win this year, but after this season I want him gone so we can bring Henne back in. Henning doesn't call the right plays for Henne, so we will need a different offensive coordinator that is actually willing to cater to Henne's strengths.

It is time we stop accepting mediocrity on offense, and that is why we need someone new to actually use Chad Henne correctly.

Thanks for reading, and I'm sure you have opinions on the Dolphins "situation" on offense, so please be sure to leave your comment.

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