Dandy Randy: Will (And Should) The Miami Dolphins Go For Randy Moss?

Randy Moss
In a move that surprised everybody in the NFL community, except for Brad Childress, the Minnesota Vikings have placed Randy Moss on waivers. The only thing this move assures us of is that Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress will be fired because he made this decision without Vikings owner Zygi Wilf

What that means is that all 32 teams have a possibility of picking Moss up if they so choose. In waivers the team with the worst schedule gets the first opportunity to pick a player up, and if they pass the next-worst team is allowed to get him. This continues all the way to the very best team in the league or until a team decides to pick the player up. The waiver period lasts 24 hours.

If a team does pick up Moss they will have to eat (pay) the remainder of his contract, and he would be on the team just like any other player.

If nobody tries to claim him within the 24-hour period, then the Vikings have to pay Moss the rest of his contract and he will become a normal free agent.

That was the basic details, now for Moss and how he relates to the Dolphins.

Initially after the announcement that Moss would be put on waivers, a report came out that the Dolphins and Seahawks had shown interest in acquiring Moss.

So far, there has not been any more news about any other teams showing interest, but there a lot of teams that have a higher waiver priority than Miami that could really use Moss' help.

But, it is still possible that Randy Moss could end up falling to the Dolphins.

My first thought about Moss playing for the Miami Dolphins for the rest of the year is how he would be a huge help for our passing offense. Randy Moss and Brandon Marshall are both premiere receivers in the NFL, and why wouldn't they be great together?

On the outside it seems like the two would be great together, but I have my doubts. Both players want to put up good numbers, or they will start to complain. While, I don't think that Marshall is nearly as much of a diva and wouldn't complain as much as Randy Moss, he still has his moments. It could end up that one of the two does really well, and the other doesn't produce nearly as much as they normally wouldn't.

That would probably lead to the receiver producing less to start complaining, and that would lead to the Dolphins wasting money. It would either mean that they wasted money on Marshall with the contract they awarded him this off season, or they would have wasted the money they paid for the remainder of Moss' contract.

That is what could go wrong, but adding Moss could also be a big help. It all depends on a bunch of different factors, and one of those factors is Dan Henning. Henning doesn't know how to use our current offense properly. Who's to say that he would know how to use Moss?

We do know that Marshall would like to have Moss on the team. He said this:

"Yeah, I want to go get him. Let's get him. Let's go get him."

Sounds to me like he would like him, and I'll be honest I would like him on the Dolphins, too.

At first I had my doubts, but now that I think about it I would love the Dolphins to get Moss. He is just too good to pass up on for a relatively cheap price tag.

Moss and Marshall could be like an upgraded version of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco.

AND, if Randy Moss does fall to the Dolphins I am almost positive they would add him. If you remember, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross predicted that the Dolphins would make it to the Super Bowl this season. I have a feeling that he would be willing to pay Moss the rest of this year's contract to make Miami a legitimate Super Bowl contender right now.

So, be sure to stay tuned. Within 24 hours we will know where Moss ends up.

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