I Believe It Is Finally Time For The Miami Dolphins To Partially Bench Jason Allen

I'd Like To See More Of Sean Smith
At first, when Jason Allen was named a starting cornerback for the Miami Dolphins he played really well, and he was a big reason Miami beat the Vikings in Week 2. Now, he is constantly being beat by receivers, and he gives up huge plays against opposing teams.

Yes, Allen is a talented corner, and he should by no means ride the bench completely, but he should not be out there covering the opposing team's top receiver for the majority of the game like he has been.

That honor should go to Sean Smith.

First, let me say that I would prefer Vontae Davis covering the top receivers, but he always seems to cover the same side on defense, and opposing offenses will put their best receiver on the opposite side so Davis won't be covering him. I am really not quite sure why he sticks with one side. Maybe he is just more comfortable there, I don't know. All I do know is that the Dolphins have to deal with it, and Sean Smith seems more suited to me than Jason Allen to man up on the best receivers in the NFL.

This week's game against the Ravens will be the perfect chance to put Smith in. Anquan Boldin is the most talented receiver on the Ravens, and he is three inches shorter than Sean Smith at 6'1". Smith should be able to use that height to his advantage, and he would be especially good at stopping a jump ball in the end zone.

I believe that it is finally time to allow Smith to retain his starting spot that he had last year. You know he is ready for it. The man has an incredible amount of self-confidence, and I am pretty sure he won't be intimidated too easily by Boldin or any other receiver.

The Miami Dolphins allow an average of 207.9 passing yards a game to enemy offenses, and I am willing to bet that Allen gave up the majority of those yards. I have no statistics to back that assumption up, but I am pretty confident about it.

So, my plea to the Miami Dolphins defense, which has been very impressive so far this season, is that they allow Sean Smith to play a lot more instead of Jason Allen.

That's all for now, and thanks everyone for reading.

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