I Have A Hunch About What The Miami Dolphins Will Do This Sunday Against Baltimore

Remember That?
I have a good feeling about this Sunday's game against Baltimore. I believe that the Dolphins offense will be able to start back the running game and put points up on the board. Yes, the Ravens have a top-caliber defense, but what you may not realize is that they have a weakness to the running game.

They are 10th or better in the NFL in every major defensive statistic except for rushing yards allowed, in which they are 17th, and they have allowed an average of just over 109 yards on the ground. That is where the Miami Dolphins need to capitalize, and capitalize they will.

My hunch for this week is that the Dolphins are going to bring back the wildcat and be successful with it. I have no quotes by players or hints from any insiders telling me Miami is going to reintroduce it. Nobody has told me that they would introduce it. I am just making a guess based on the fact that the Ravens are weakest against the running game and I don't think the Dolphins (and especially Dan Henning) are not willing to give up the wildcat fully.

I just have a feeling that the Dolphins will run the wildcat, and that they will run it successfully.

The Dolphins woes with the running game this year have to do with poor run blocking. Miami's offensive line has become really good at pass blocking, but that has come at the cost of blocking for the run game. Don't get me wrong, I love how well the Dolphins offensive line blocks for the pass. I would rather them be better at pass blocking than run blocking, but it is important for an offensive line to do both well.

I have a feeling that Miami has been working on pass blocking for the wildcat during practice since they stopped using it. My hope is that they have worked on it enough that they will be prepared to block when Ronnie Brown lines up to take the snap. It worked well before, and I think it can work well again with enough practice and preparation.

It hasn't exactly been that long since Miami last ran the wildcat, but I still feel like Dan Henning won't be willing to keep it on the shelf any longer.

We will see if I am right, though. Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment if you feel so inclined.

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