Miami Dolphins Keys To The Game: The Offensive Line

Dolphins Center Joe Berger Is Back
News has recently come out that Tony Sparano is leaning towards starting Chad Henne for the Miami Dolphins game against the Raiders on Sunday. This is the first indication this week from anyone in the Dolphins organization on who the starting quarterback is, so hearing that Sparano is "leaning towards" Henne probably means Henne will be the starter.

And, while the Miami Dolphins quarterback situation has received the a lot of attention in the past few days, whoever the starter is that is eventually named won't be able to do anything if he doesn't have a good offensive line protecting him, which could very well be the case.

The offensive line will be the Miami Dolphins key to victory or defeat against the Raiders. They were a big reason Miami lost to the Bears last week, and they must perform better if the Dolphins want a chance at winning anything at all for the rest of the season.

Injuries have plagued the Dolphins offensive line recently. In the game against Chicago, both of the Dolphins centers were injured, so they had to move left guard Richie Incognito in at center, which left a hole to be filled at left guard. It was a pretty big mess, and I wasn't too surprised that the offense stumbled with their beaten up o-line.

The good news for the line is that left tackle Jake Long's left shoulder has been doing really well and center Joe Berger (knee) has returned to practice and looks to be ready to start again.

I think the Dolphins line will be able to hold up a whole lot better than the Bears game, and they should give whatever quarterback is in the game a chance to work his magic.

It probably doesn't really matter, though. I almost want the Dolphins to start tanking games to get a better draft pick, but I don't think they should yet when they still have a possibility of making the playoffs. It isn't a strong possibility, but there is still a chance.

But, if they are going to tank I am hoping they will do it starting next week because my Dad is a Raiders fan, and I don't want to hear crap from him until the next time the Dolphins play Oakland.

Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment with your keys to the game. I hope to hear from you soon.

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