Miami Dolphins Keys To The Game: Tyler Thigpen Must Create Plays

In order for the Miami Dolphins to be successful Thursday night against the Chicago Bears, Tyler Thigpen must perform similar to the way he did last Sunday against the Titans and create big plays.

This game is entirely upon Thigpen's shoulders, and if he can play well the Miami Dolphins should be able to win this game. People think the Dolphins are down and out because they are now down to their third-string quarterback. What they don't realize is that Thigpen is a better playmaker than his two predecessors.

Thigpen's is noticeably faster than Henne and Pennington ever were, and he is able to throw the ball well on the run. He is very similar to Michael Vick, and he will need to play similar to Vick against the Bears.

Chicago has an exceptional defense. Their only "weakness" is their 15th ranked passing yards allowed. They have allowed the second lowest amount of points this year, and the Dolphins have struggled to score points this year.

That was before they had Thigpen playing, though.

If we had Chad Henne or Chad Pennington playing in this game, then we would have had to be pretty concerned about the Miami Dolphins ability to make plays on offense. Thigpen changes the entire dynamic of the offense because he can use all of the weapons provided to him. Chad Henne seemed to struggle with using all of his weapons.

Tyler Thigpen will not.

Thigpen showed us he could use TE Anthony Fasano as well as star-receiver Brandon Marshall. He also gained a crucial first down near the end of the game last week to seal it and help Miami improve to above .500 for the year.

This game will be a huge step to catching up to the rest of the AFC, and Tyler Thigpen is going to need to show up in order to make that step. Brandon Marshall guaranteed the Miami Dolphins would make the playoffs, but he can't do it on his own. He needs a good quarterback throwing him the ball, and I think we have found that quarterback in Tyler Thigpen.

So, Dolphins fans, I hope you are ready for the game. Please feel free to leave your comments on your predictions for the game.

I am thinking 35-24, Miami wins. I am very confident in Thigpen, and I think he will have a huge performance against the Bears tough defense.

Thanks for reading everybody!

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