Miami Dolphins Work Out Left Tackles To Replace Jake Long

Long's Health Should Be Top Priority
Jake Long is not officially on the injured reserve, but he may as well be.

According to Mike Berardino of the Sun Sentinel, The Miami Dolphins brought in two players that could fill in as left tackles for a workout over the weekend. One tackle, Levi Jones, is an experienced veteran who has been in the NFL for 8 years and started 97 games. The other, Tony Ugoh, is normally a guard who has started 27 games in his four years in the NFL.

The Miami Dolphins working out these two players is not really significant because of who they are gaining, it is more significant because of who they are losing. The fact that the Dolphins are bringing in players to audition for left tackle is important because it tells us that the Miami Dolphins are seriously considering putting LT Jake Long away for the rest of the season.

If Miami does in fact place Jake Long on IR, it will also tell us that the Dolphins have somewhat given up on this season. Jake Long is an extremely important piece of the Dolphins offense, and if they still believed they had a shot at making the playoffs they would try and keep him in. Instead, keeping him out of the game would keep him from harm's way and prevent any further injury.

I tend to agree with what the Dolphins are doing here. I know you shouldn't just give up on a season, but there comes a point when there is way too much risk for not enough reward, and this is one of those situations. Yes, the Dolphins are technically still in the season, but trying to make the playoffs is not worth risking Miami's franchise left tackle. Talented left tackles like Jake Long are hard to come by, so the Dolphins need to be sure to protect his health.

It is possible Long may not make the Pro Bowl if he is taken out, and that is one reason why Long doesn't want to be taken out, but I just don't think keeping him in to make the Pro Bowl is worth it.

We will probably know what happens in the near future, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think Long and the Dolphins should do.

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