Putting In Chad Pennington Is Not What The Miami Dolphins Need As A Franchise

Anyone who is in favor of the Miami Dolphins putting in Chad Pennington as the starter needs to take another look at the situation.

Instead of getting to the root of the Dolphins problem, Tony Sparano is just temporarily covering the problem up.

The root of the problem for the Miami Dolphins inability to score points is Dan Henning and his terrible play calling. So, instead of replacing Henning, the Dolphins replaced Chad Henne who isn't the problem.

If Chad Henne had an offensive coordinator who was willing to let him throw the ball longer than 10 yards on a play, then he would be a successful quarterback right now, but instead he is on the bench with an uncertain future.

Don't get me wrong, I believe the Dolphins will be better this year with Pennington in, but they won't be as good as they could have if they replaced Henning instead of Henne. If we can give Chad Henne an offensive coordinator that works the offense around his skill set, then our offense would be ranked in the top 5 right now, guaranteed.

Instead we had Dan Henning trying to change Henne into another Chad Pennington, but that didn't work so they just put Chad Pennington in. It is ridiculous that all of the blame falls on Henne when the offense doesn't perform well even if it isn't his fault.

How would you feel if you signed up for a job with a certain talent and your employer expects you to do something that doesn't even use that talent? Instead, your employer forces you to do work that you are weak at, and you are fired because you can't perform well enough.

That's pretty much what happens to Henne. Instead of Dan Henning using his arm strength with longer passes to stretch out the field, he forces Henne to constantly throw shorter passes that require consistent pinpoint accuracy Henne hasn't developed yet.

I know I say it over and over, but the Miami Dolphins need Chad Henne in to help him develop into the quarterback we all want him to become, even if it means losing this season. Chad Pennington is just a band-aid on a gaping wound. He may help for a short amount of time, but when next season rolls around he won't be enough to cover up the Dolphins offensive problem. He is not a long-term answer for the Dolphins.

Chad Henne is.

If we want to be a successful franchise capable of winning year after year we need a top-tier quarterback, and Chad Henne can become top-tier with practice. The problem is that he won't get that practice on the bench.

Fans who want Pennington in are just looking for short-term success. We want a franchise that is a consistent Super Bowl contender every year, not just a one-hit wonder.

We will see how it turns out, but I have a bad feeling about the next few years.

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