Ravens Running Backs Run And Catch All Over Dolphins In Loss

I don't know if there is much to say about this week's 26-10 loss to Baltimore. I can only think of a few main things.

We haven't really learned anything new about the offense. More poor play calling killed Miami in the second half. Miami's running game was working really well, and instead of continuing to run the ball they started to pass it more. Dan Henning needs to learn to call the right plays at the right time. His inability to do so really hurt the Dolphins, who didn't score at all in the second half.

I'm not trying to start any controversy at the offensive coordinator position, but something needs to be fixed in the offense, and I am convinced that something isn't Chad Henne.

The big story of this game, though, was the production of Ray Rice and Willis McGahee. Both players were able to run circles around Miami's defense as they gained 246 combined yards in the game. Most of their success came off of missed tackles by the Dolphins defensive players, so Mike Nolan better clean that up before next week's game against Chris Johnson.

As for Brandon Marshall, he had 5 receptions. That puts him at 52 for the season, and he needs an average of 6 per game for the rest of the season to get 100. He also had a poor performance in yardage with only 30. Dan Henning needs to learn how to use him correctly, and soon.

And just a bizarre side note, I am pretty sure the Dolphins lost this week because of me. This is the second week I have eaten pizza during the game, and the last time I ate pizza during a Dolphins game was against the Patriots. That means that when I have eaten pizza this season while watching the Dolphins they have lost by an average of 21.5 points. Maybe the Dan Henning can use me as an excuse before taking the blame himself.

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