Bill Cowher To The Miami Dolphins? It Is More Likely Than You May Think

Bill Cowher Might Be A Dolphin In The Near Future
Bill Cowher has released a three team list of NFL teams that he would like to coach for, and the Miami Dolphins are one of those three teams.

Now, before you say that Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano is not the reason for Miami's unsuccessful season, I want you to know that I agree with you. I believe that Sparano is a great coach, and the Dolphins can still do really well with him at the helm. It is also my impression that Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross feels pretty much the same way that I do and he is confident in Sparano's abilities.

With that being said, there were rumors earlier this year that Stephen Ross was eying a big-name coach like Jon Gruden to come in and coach the Miami Dolphins.

It was a very small rumor, and I haven't heard anything else about it since, but it is a possibility nonetheless, and because there is a small indication that Stephen Ross isn't 100% behind Tony Sparano, I have to consider the chances that Miami might go after a big-name coach like Bill Cowher.

Stephen Ross wants a successful team now. He expected the Dolphins to be Super Bowl contenders this year, so I wouldn't be surprised if he makes a high profile move like bringing Cowher in.

Bill Cowher has won a Super Bowl before, and if Ross feels like I do(that the Dolphins have enough talent[with the exception of Chad Henne] to be a Super Bowl contender), then I wouldn't be very surprised if he tries to bring in a coach who has already been "there" to utilize that talent in a way that worked for him before.

The fact that Bill Cowher expressed interest in the Miami Dolphins Head Coaching position just reinforces my point about the talent Miami already has. Cowher named only three teams that he was interested in, which means that those three teams are good enough that he is willing to come out of retirement for and coach.

Notice how he doesn't want to coach for a team like the Vikings or Panthers. Instead, he wants a team that already has a lot of pieces in place. The other two teams on his wish list are the Giants and Texans. The Giants are obviously talented, with a 9-5 record, and the Texans have a lot of talent that has been wasted this year with a 5-9 record.

Cowher expressing his interest may just be too much for Stephen Ross to pass up on. He likes to bring in big names, and Bill Cowher is a big name NFL coach.

I can't say which coach I would rather have right now, though. To me it seems like a win-win situation. The Dolphins either get a great coach who knows the players and gets along with them well in Tony Sparano, or they get a Super Bowl-winning coach who sees a lot of potential in who they have right now in Bill Cowher.

I wouldn't be surprised if we hear something within the next week from Ross about Cowher's status even though we are still in the regular season, so stay tuned.

Do you think Cowher would be a good fit in Miami? Let me know with your comments.

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