Cameron Wake And Jake Long Of The Miami Dolphins Are Named To The Pro Bowl, But What About Vontae Davis?

Cameron Wake (left) was selected to the Pro Bowl, but Vontae Davis (right) wasn't
The Pro Bowl rosters have been announced, and the Miami Dolphins have two players that will be traveling to the 2011 Pro Bowl in Hawaii: LT Jake Long and OLB Cameron Wake.

Both have been named starters, and I am very pleased that they were recognized for their ability. I was a little bit worried that Cameron Wake wouldn't make the Pro Bowl because he isn't as well known as some other players, but more people are aware of his talents than I thought as he was named a starter.

The thing that makes me mad is the fact that Dolphins CB Vontae Davis wasn't selected for the Pro Bowl. Vontae is an extremely talented corner that has hardly been beaten at all this year. He has shut down almost every single receiver he has covered this year, and that includes the top-notch ones.

What makes me even madder is that Jets CB Darrelle Revis made the Pro Bowl solely on name recognition. If he hadn't had such a "great" year last year, he wouldn't have even been considered for the Pro Bowl. Voters just saw somebody who they knew was good enough to be in the Pro Bowl at one point, so they voted for him even if he wasn't playing as well has he had in the past.

This case is similar to when Brett Favre was voted into the Pro Bowl when he was with the Jets. He didn't deserve at all to be playing in the All Star game with his performance that year, but everybody knew who he was, so they voted for him.

I will admit that Darrelle Revis' case isn't as severe as Favre's when it comes to making the game solely from name recognition, but it is still a similar case.

There are always a bunch of Dolphins players that I would love to be in the Pro Bowl, but I don't really think they deserve it.

I do think Vontae deserves it, though, and I believe the voters really missed on not selecting him.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what other Dolphins you think the Pro Bowl voters should have selected for the trip to Hawaii.

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