Chad Henne Loses The Game For The Miami Dolphins

Throughout this season I have been a big Henne supporter despite his pretty poor performance. That is until now, though.

It was extremely frustrating watching Henne play today. A week after he looked so good against the Raiders he threw for three interceptions and was unable to do much of anything against a mediocre Browns defense.

His first two interceptions were entirely his fault. The first pick he threw was terribly under thrown, and turned a potential Brian Hartline touchdown into a turnover. His next interception was in Davone Bess' direction and was way too high. His third pick was tipped, so it wasn't exactly his fault, but that was the only time he got off easy from a mistake.

What really frustrates me is that the rest of the Miami Dolphins team held up their end of the bargain, and that this loss was entirely on Chad Henne. The Dolphins defense had a little trouble covering the Browns TE Benjamin Watson, but other than Watson they were able to put Miami in a position to win. Chad Henne just couldn't capitalize.

I hate that Henne has been such a disappointment this year. I really thought that he would be the quarterback we have been looking for since Marino, but I just can't see it in him anymore. He has way too many turnovers, and he just doesn't have the accuracy necessary to hit his receivers at any distance.

I think it is time to put Tyler Thigpen in the game and let him finish out the rest of the season. This season is over, and I think the Miami Dolphins should spend the rest of this year trying to figure out if Thigpen is who they are looking for.

Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry to anyone who I gave false hope about how well Henne would do this year. I am just as disappointed as you all.

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