Finally, Good News: Brandon Marshall Is Going To Stay In Miami

Ok, I am going to post a lighter topic today because there is still a really strong discussion going on in my last post about Henne and the offense, and I don't want to interrupt that discussion too much. So be sure to read this post and comment if you would like, but be sure to go back to the post and keep the discussion up. Here's a link to the post:  Miami Dolphins

Anyways, Brandon Marshall appears to be planning to stay in Miami for a long time. He just bought a home worth more than $4 million in Miami.

This is a good sign that Marshall is planning on staying in Miami for a while. Despite his average season, he doesn't appear to be frustrated enough to want out of Miami, so at least we can rest easy about that for a few years.

Normally, a player buying a new home isn't that important to a team, but this is pretty significant for the Dolphins. There hasn't been any mention of Marshall wanting out, but I was concerned we would hear something before the season was over. Brandon's new house soothes those concerns, though, and I can go back to the discussion of the more pressing situation for the Miami Dolphins: Chad Henne.

Thanks for reading, and please be sure to return to the important discussion here.

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