I Need You: Vote For Your Miami Dolphins To Make The Pro Bowl

The Miami Dolphins players need your help to get into the Pro Bowl.

Pro Bowl voting has been open for a little while, and it is important that you take a couple minutes out of your time to vote for them. Just click on the link below and put your favorite Dolphins in the Pro Bowl:


You can vote as many times as you would like, and you don't have to vote for every position. You can also just vote for Dolphins players by clicking the drop down arrow next to "All Teams" and selecting Miami Dolphins.

I do not know who the leaders are in each position, but we need to make sure players like Vontae Davis and Lousaka Polite make it in even though they aren't household names yet.

Don't even bother leaving a comment, just go to the link above and vote for every Dolphins player at least three times. We will have a bigger impact than you think.

Thanks for reading, now get to it.

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