Joey Who? Cameron Wake Is Quickly Approaching Joey Porter's Highest Sack Mark With The Miami Dolphins

Mark Sanchez Gets "Woken" Up
If there is anyone out there who was mad that at the Miami Dolphins for getting rid of Joey Porter this offseason, I have one question to ask you:

Are you still mad?

I know I'm not. His replacement, Cameron Wake has been just as good as Porter (if not better), and he has a good shot at passing Porter's sack mark of 17.5 from the 2008 season. Wake currently has 14 sacks, and the Dolphins have three more games left to play. That means he only needs 3.5 sacks in three games, which is a very manageable feat considering he had two sacks in less than a minute against the Jets last week.

Wake is leading the NFL in sacks, with 1.5 more than second place Clay Matthews. Matthews has gotten more "attention" for his play this year, though, but people are starting to realize how good Wake really is.

Despite his enormous skills, most people outside of Miami had never heard of Wake until recently. He showed people how good he was in Canada for the CFL, but the Dolphins didn't give him a chance to do much of anything as a rookie last year. Because of his limited playing time as a rookie, most people hadn't heard of him, but more and more people are starting to know him now that he is playing so well.

Wake has been a huge part of the Miami Dolphins defense, too. His statistics aren't just empty numbers. A lot of his sacks have been crucial in helping the Dolphins winning.

Just last week against the Jets, he sacked Mark Sanchez twice on their final drive, and helped Miami seal the win. We don't know what would have happened if Wake wasn't able to get to Sanchez, but I am glad we will never have to find out.

If you look back to the Dolphins Week 2 game against the Vikings, Miami might not have won if Cameron Wake didn't force a Brett Favre fumble in the end zone for Koa Misi to recover for a touchdown.

All I am saying is that the Miami Dolphins better reward Wake with a big, fat contract. He has earned it, and I would hate for the Dolphins to have to ever face Wake in the future.

Thanks for reading, and give Cameron Wake a little love with your comments.

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