Leaving Chad Henne In As The Starter Has Placed Tony Sparano On The Hot Seat

A few weeks ago Miami Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano was not on the hot seat. Instead, he was sitting safely in the head coaches "seat" without having to worry about losing his job.

Now, Bill Cowher has shown interest in the Dolphins head-coaching job, and because of poor performance and poor decisions, Sparano doesn't seem very safe anymore.

The Miami Dolphins have lost their last two games to two very bad teams: the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions. Buffalo and Detroit have a combined record of 9-21, or .300, which is pathetic. The loss isn't necessarily Tony Sparano's fault, but the head coach has to be somewhat responsible for two losses against teams like the Lions and Bills.

I can live with the losses, though. In my mind, Miami was already out of the playoffs before they lost to Buffalo. I wasn't that mad when the Dolphins lost these last two weeks. What Tony Sparano has done that I don't like is that he has kept Chad Henne in as starting quarterback.

It amazes me that he doesn't yet realize that Chad Henne is not the quarterback everyone wanted him to be. Instead of giving Tyler Thigpen a chance to see if he is a capable starter, Sparano has been stubborn and kept Henne in. Week after week, Henne has proved that he isn't capable of winning games, and it has resulted in (you guessed it) losses. Thigpen didn't have the greatest game when he started against the Bears, but that wasn't as much his fault as it was because of a beaten-up offensive line.

I have never before complained about Tony Sparano in this blog, but now I have no choice but to. He is being way too stubborn by keeping Henne in, and if he can't realize that Chad Henne isn't an NFL quarterback, then it is hard to want him as the head coach of my favorite team.

I am not calling for Sparano to be fired. I think he is doing a fine job. What has killed the Dolphins this year is poor play calling by Dan Henning and poor quarterback play by Chad Henne. Sparano does not come out squeaky clean from both of their mistakes, though. He is the head coach, and ultimately he should be making the final decisions. Yes, Dan Henning is calling the wrong plays, but why didn't Sparano step in and stop some of them.

Let me reiterate, I do not think Tony Sparano should be fired. I would love for the Miami Dolphins to go after Bill Cowher, but I wouldn't mind at all if Stephen Ross decided to keep Tony.

Thanks for reading, and let me hear what you think. Save some of your opinions for tomorrow evening, though, because I think the "You Tell Me" will be about Miami's head coaching job.

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