Miami Dolphins Brandon Marshall Is Back, And We Will See How Much He Helps Chad Henne

All indications out of Miami about Brandon Marshall are that he will be ready to play for the Miami Dolphins on Sunday against the Jets.

Marshall's Return Is A Welcome One

Now that he is back in, we will see how well Chad Henne is able to do with the help of his top receiver. I have read a lot of people's comments saying that a big reason for Henne's poor performance last week was that he didn't have his top receivers in.

While that reasoning would normally make sense, it doesn't apply here because Chad Henne threw the interceptions, not his receivers. An inaccurate passes to Brandon Marshall will have the same result as the same inaccurate pass to a high school receiver. If the quarterback can't throw the ball on target, it doesn't matter who he is throwing to.

With that being said, maybe Chad Henne will do better with Brandon Marshall in. Marshall is a dynamic receiver, and he can make things happen. He is good at gaining separation, which can be helpful for an inaccurate Henne. We need to hope that Marshall will be able to get a bunch of separation from his defender, and that way, if Chad Henne throws the ball with poor accuracy, Marshall will be far enough away from the defender that he doesn't intercept it.

That will be tough against a good defender like Darrelle Revis, but it needs to happen if the Miami Dolphins want to win.

I almost don't want Chad Henne to do well against the Jets. As much as I want the Dolphins to win, I don't want them to get the idea that Chad Henne should remain the starter. I would prefer that they win on defense, special teams, and running the ball.

Chad Henne isn't the answer to the Miami Dolphins quarterback question, and there are a few draft and free agent prospects that can easily outperform him. I want the Dolphins to go after those players and not stick with Henne.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think about anything I said today.

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