The Miami Dolphins Defense Is Quietly One Of The Best In The NFL

You may not realize it, but the Miami Dolphins defense is ranked as one of the top defenses in the NFL. They have allowed the 10th lowest amount of points, 6th lowest total yards per game, and 4th lowest passing yards per game. Their record doesn't really reflect the tremendous amount of talent on Miami's defense, but they are still one of the best.

The number that the Dolphins defense should be most proud of is the 4th lowest passing yards per game. They have only allowed 201.4 passing yards per game this season, and they have been able to do so with a very young secondary.

The Miami Dolphins haven't done so well stopping the passing game thanks to just one or two players. While players like Vontae Davis and Yeremiah Bell have been able to dominate, they haven't had to do it alone. Nine different Dolphins have gotten an interception this season, and that isn't counting Jason Allen who plays for the Texans now.

Miami's secondary still has its moments where they make mental mistakes and allow a big gain, but I have noticed those mistakes have significantly decreased as this season has progressed. This defense will only get better with time, too. The average age of the Dolphins starting cornerbacks and safeties is 25.5 years old. If you don't include 32-year old Yeremiah Bell, then their average age is just 23.3 years old.

We have a very talented and young secondary that, with the exception of Yeremiah Bell, has a long and promising future ahead of them with the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins run defense has also been pretty good. The Dolphins have allowed the 14th lowest rushing yards per game, and that is including games against the likes of Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson.

Mike Nolan has really put together a talented defense, and we should all be very thankful that the Dolphins hired him as the defensive coordinator. He turned a very bad defense into a top-tier passing defense in just one offseason, and that is not easy to do.

I would also like to put a little shout-out to Cameron Wake, who is really taking the NFL by storm with his ability to get to the quarterback. He has 10.5 sacks and is has the second most sacks in the NFL. He is just one sack behind first place Clay Matthews, and he has the more sacks than any other player in the NFC. It's hard to imagine that last year Wake didn't even play that frequently when he is able to do so much when he is on the field.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing your responses.

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