Miami Dolphins Defense Sticks It To The Jets With A 10-6 Win

The Miami Dolphins defense put the team on their backs and led Miami to a 10-6 victory over the New York Jets.

Sean Smith had a really great game against Mark Sanchez with a bunch of deflected passes. If he were able to catch a football, he would have probably returned three interceptions for the touchdowns. He had countless opportunities to intercept passes by Mark Sanchez, but was unable to bring in a single one. I will not complain, though, because he did his job well and prevented the man he was covering from catching the ball almost every time it was thrown in his direction.

Cameron Wake also had two huge sacks on the Jets last drive. Not only did he help the Dolphins win the game with those two sacks, he also vaulted into the lead for the most sacks in the NFL with 14. Wake continues to show the Miami Dolphins how important he is, and I believe he deserves a nice, fat contract extension during the off-season.

Chad Henne didn't do anything special with 55 passing yards, going 5 completions off of 18 attempts. He did throw a touchdown to Brandon Marshall, but that wasn't the most important thing he was able to do. The most important thing was that he didn't throw an interception, which was a huge part of the win.

Thankfully, Miami's running game was able to do their part of the work on offense. Ronnie Brown had 55 yards off 16 carries and Ricky Williams ran the ball 10 times for 34 yards. Those aren't impressive numbers, but at least the Dolphins didn't become one-dimensional and just throw the ball.

The Dolphins offense gained a combined 131 yards from scrimmage, which reinforces my belief that we need to get rid of Dan Henning at the end of this year. He just can't make the offense work, so Miami needs to bring somebody new in that knows how to use his weapons.

Brandon Marshall still didn't do much against the Jets despite his touchdown. He only had two receptions for 16 yards, but he dropped a few passes that hit his hands. I am not sure what is wrong, but it apparently isn't entirely Dan Henning or Chad Henne's fault. Henning and Henne are both a big reason for Marshall's poor play this year, but it doesn't look like they are the only reasons. I'm not worried about Marshall, though. Once Miami gets a new offensive coordinator and quarterback, he should still be fine.

For anyone who supports Chad Henne or Dan Henning, this game proves to you that neither person deserves to be a part of the Miami Dolphins next year.

I also would like to say how much I hate the New York Jets. Somebody on their sideline stuck his leg out and tripped Nolan Carroll during a kickoff. Carroll was shaken up, but thankfully he was able to return to the game. Here is a video so you guys can see how cheap the Jets are:

Getting a win against them is always satisfying, though. It doesn't matter how it happens. I don't know who the person is, but there is speculation that they are on the practice squad.

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