Miami Dolphins Keys To The Game: Stop Peyton Hillis

The Cleveland Browns are coming into town this Sunday to play against the Miami Dolphins, and if Miami wants to win then they need to focus on shutting Browns RB Peyton Hillis down.

The Browns do not have much of a passing game at all. Their top pass catchers, Peyton Hillis and TE Benjamin Watson, aren't even wide receivers. Cleveland has done so poorly this year because they don't have any consistent threats at receiver, which is the main reason they have had to rely on Peyton Hillis so much.

Therefore, if the Miami Dolphins want to beat Cleveland, they will have to focus on stopping Hillis. The Dolphins defense has had to play a lot of supremely talented running backs this year like Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, and Ray Rice, so it isn't like they don't have experience against top running talent.

The problem is that Hillis has a different running style from other top backs. Hillis has an incredible amount of power to go with his speed. Want proof? Just look at the size of his arms:
Those arms are scary, and they just prove how powerful he is. Just imagine trying to tackle him, but that is what the Miami Dolphins defense will need to do if they want to win the game.

Hillis has really broken out this year. Last year he only had 54 rushing yards, but this year he has more touchdowns than every running back in the NFL except for one, and has the ninth most rushing yards.

I am actually pretty concerned about how well the Dolphins will be able to stop Hillis on Sunday. Miami has had certain games this year where they just couldn't wrap up the ball carrier, and I really hope this isn't going to be one of those games. Hillis has the ability to knock over almost any tackler, so it will be scary to see how many Dolphins tacklers he will be able to get past. I'm not saying that the Dolphins defense is terrible at tackling, but they do seem to have moments where they can't wrap up the man with the ball to save their lives.

Thanks for reading, and please comment and let me know what you think Hillis will be able to do against the Dolphins defense. I'll talk to you guys after the Dolphins come out with a win.

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