Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets: The Last Important Matchup For The Dolphins This Year

Please Dolphins, Stick It To This Man On Sunday
Another season is nearing its conclusion for the Miami Dolphins. Instead of going to the playoffs, they are instead preparing for another long offseason. We can discuss the multitude of reasons for such a poor season, but the fact of the matter is that the Dolphins won't be in the playoffs.

I would rather that Miami tanks the rest of the season, honestly. Instead of winning for no reason, why not lose to get a better spot in the draft? They aren't going to do that, but they would be much better off if they did.

The only game that I want the Miami Dolphins to try and win this year is this week's game against the New York Jets. I would love nothing more than to shut Rex Ryan up once more. It would leave us with something good to remember from this season after almost everything else was a disappointment.

So, actually, I don't want the Dolphins to tank the rest of the season. I want them to at least beat the Jets, and then tank the rest.

This week may be the best week to play the Jets, too.

They were just exposed badly on Monday night against the Patriots, and while the Dolphins aren't close to the Patriots anymore, at least we know they have a good shot against the Jets.

Mark Sanchez looked almost as bad as Chad Henne looked against the Browns, and if the Dolphins secondary is able to catch the ball they should have a chance at disrupting Sanchez like the Patriots did. The key will be stopping TE Dustin Keller. He ran all over the Dolphins earlier in the year, and Miami hasn't shown any improvement this year when it comes to covering tight ends.

This is purely hypothetical, but maybe Tony Sparano is starting Chad Henne for just this week's game because he wants to beat the Jets. While I do believe that Tyler Thigpen would be a better choice at starter right now, Henne knows the offense better than Thigpen, and he has experience playing against the Jets. I know this likely isn't Tony Sparano's motive for playing Henne, but I wish it were.

I would love nothing more than for the Dolphins to head into New York and stuff a loss in Rex Ryan's mouth. He has been relatively silent since the loss to the Patriots, so imagine how little he would talk if he lost to the Dolphins. He buried the game ball from the New England game, so he would probably have to blow up the game ball from this week's game if Miami wins.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think about "tanking" the season.

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