Mike Nolan Leaving The Miami Dolphins? Another Strong Possibility Pops Up In Miami

Could Mike Be Leaving The Dolphins?
I know just yesterday I posted that the Miami Dolphins might want to go after Bill Cowher, and I still think that he would be a great coach for Miami, but there is another coaching rumor surrounding the Dolphins that would probably end up hurting them if it comes into fruition.

That rumor in Miami is that Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan may be taking a Head Coaching job with another team for next year. Two possible candidates for Nolan to coach are the Broncos and Texans, and I wouldn't be surprised if he goes to either team.

It would be a no-brainer for Nolan personally to move up to a Head Coaching job, which is why I have a feeling that he won't be a Dolphin next year. I see no reason for him to stay in Miami when he can get a better job with another team if that team wants him. Every football coach dreams of an NFL job, and he has earned the chance to take it.

While moving up to head coach would be great for Mike Nolan, losing him would be terrible for the Miami Dolphins. Miami's biggest strength has been their defense, which, thanks to Nolan, has been superb this season. I am not sure how much of the Dolphins defensive success is due to Nolan's efforts and how much of it is due to the players, but I get the feeling he has had a pretty big influence. I still think the defense can be good, but I don't know how good they can be without Nolan.

He was able to transform last year's pathetic passing defense into one of the best in the league this year, so I am not surprised at all that he might be leaving. I just wish it didn't have to happen.

On another note, I have heard a few people suggest that the Dolphins should bring in Josh McDaniels as the offensive coordinator to replace Dan Henning, who is, most likely, going to either retire or be fired from the Dolphins at the end of this season. I wanted to say that bringing in McDaniels would be a huge mistake simply because of Brandon Marshall. Marshall was mad at the Broncos last off season partly because of McDaniels, so it would only bring back bad memories if the Dolphins hired McDaniels.

That's all for now, and please be sure to check back soon. I look forward to reading your comments.

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