Tony Sparano Will Likely Keep His Job With The Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has apparently been convinced by Bill Parcells to allow Tony Sparano to keep his job, and Miami's star WR Brandon Marshall has also said that he wants Ross to keep Sparano as head coach. Both votes of confidence have come in a very timely manner for Tony, with rumors that Sparano may be fired circling the web and Bill Cowher eying the Dolphins job next year.

I doubt that Stephen Ross is going to fire Tony now after his star wide receiver (Marshall) and one of the main architects of his team (Parcells) have expressed their support for Sparano.

And, the more I think about Tony Sparano staying, the more that I like the idea. Tony Sparano wasn't the reason Miami's offense has been bad thus far, QB Chad Henne and Offensive Coordinator Dan Henning have.

I know that there are a lot of you that wanted Miami to go and try to hire Bill Cowher, and I did too, but after thinking about it I can't help but feel excited that the Dolphins are going to keep Sparano. He has done a lot with the Miami Dolphins, and he has been able to bring in a lot of talent to the organization. Miami is just a good quarterback and an offensive coordinator away from making a deep run into the playoffs, and I think Stephen Ross realizes that, thus his willingness to keep Tony.

It is also likely that the Dolphins will be replacing Dan Henning at the end of the year. The possible candidates that have been revealed are Gary Kubiak, who is currently the Houston Texans Head Coach, and Josh McDaniels, who was recently fired from the Broncos head-coaching job.

I don't know if I favor bringing Josh McDaniels in because of his past history with Brandon Marshall, but it may actually work. When Marshall played under McDaniels he had his 21 reception game and a 100 receptions season, and he was one of the best receivers in the league. So, if Brandon and Josh are able to coexist, it might be worth bringing McDaniels in.

The decision to keep Sparano has not been announced officially yet, but don't be surprised if it comes soon. I have a feeling that when it does, though, it will either follow or be followed by news of Dan Henning's release or retirement.

Thanks for reading, and I am always open to comments. I will talk to you guys again tomorrow.

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