Winning Doesn't Mask Poor Performance By Miami Dolphins Offense

You would think that a win against the Jets should be more satisfying than last Sunday's game actually was.

Not only did the Dolphins defense stop the Jets consistently, but they were also able to force Mark Sanchez into making turnovers that led to points. Heck, without help from our defense, Miami wouldn't have scored a single point.

That's the problem, though. The Miami Dolphins offense was so bad that they only gained 131 total yards against the Jets. What is worse is that Miami was only able to net for 30 passing yards. Numbers like that are embarrassing for any team, and they normally don't constitute a win. Thankfully, the Dolphins have one of the NFL's top defenses and were able to hold the Jets to 6 points while helping the offense get 10.

This game reinforces everything I have been saying the past two weeks about Miami's offense: Chad Henne and Dan Henning need to go, and Ronnie Brown isn't what he used to be.

After making everybody think that he was finally good enough to be a starter in the NFL with his performance against the Raiders, Chad Henne has just regressed to the same poor play that he has been doing his entire NFL career. He just can't make big things happen. He is too much of a robot, and he normally throws a bunch of turnovers. Turnovers weren't a problem in this game, but that was because Miami ran the ball a lot.

Dan Henning finally relied more on the running game than he did the passing game. I know that at the beginning of the season I said that the Dolphins would be better off if they threw more than they ran, but I was wrong. Chad Henne can't take the pressure of carrying the offense, so it is necessary for Miami to keep running the ball.

Henning still isn't in the clear for finally relying on the running game, though. Any time your offense is only able to gain 131 net yards, there has to be something wrong with your offensive coordinator. There is no excuse for such a poor offensive performance, and this should be yet another eye-opener for Stephen Ross that Dan Henning needs to go after this year.

Henning also doesn't seem to know how to use Brandon Marshall. He has been pretty ineffective this year, and it isn't his fault. Yes, he has dropped a few passes, but he still isn't getting much of a chance to make plays at all. At least Marshall is going to stay longer than just this season, because he should be a lot better with a new offensive coordinator.

I'll be honest, though, I don't want the Miami Dolphins to win another game this season. I want them to get a high enough draft pick for a potential franchise quarterback. I have been doing a little research, and Ryan Mallet of Arkansas is a quarterback that the Dolphins may have a shot at getting who I really want them to get.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think about our current offense and what needs to be changed.

Also, I'd like to send a shout-out to my good Dolphins friend up in New York: Anthony. I know it was an ugly win, but at least you won't be hearing a bunch of trash-talking Jets fans all week.

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