You Tell Me: Should The Miami Dolphins Draft A New QB, Trade For A New QB, Or Keep Chad Henne?

I am starting a new series on Dolphin Shout. It will be called "You Tell Me", and after today's post I will move it to every Tuesday.

All I am going to do is ask a question, and I want to hear your reaction with a comment. I did a "You Tell Me" post recently, and the reaction was more than any other article I have ever written, so I am going to do it more often.

The key to "You Tell Me" is that I don't post my own opinion in the article. That is because I don't want to influence what you say. I want to hear what you have to say, and then I will react to your comments with comments of my own.

So, without further ado, here is today's "You Tell Me":

What should the Miami Dolphins do with their quarterback situation?

Should they keep Chad Henne, trade for a new one, or draft one in the 2011 Draft?

Also, what do you think the Dolphins will actually do? We can talk all we want, but it will come down to what Miami actually does.

So, let me hear it. I will be reading every comment, and I will be adding my input whenever necessary.

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