Should The Miami Dolphins Pursue DeAngelo Williams?

The Miami Dolphins will most likely be looking for a new running back this offseason because it is doubtful that both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown will return, and it is also possible that neither will be a Dolphin next year.
So, the Dolphins will have to look to either the draft or free agency to find a new starting running back.

ESPN Draft Expert Mel Kiper has Miami picking running back Mark Ingram with their 15th overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. While that wouldn't be a bad pick for the Dolphins, it isn't the best thing that Miami could do.

What they should do instead is sign pending free agent RB DeAngelo Williams as soon as a new CBA is reached. Williams had a bad season with the Panthers this year, and it is likely that the Panthers won't resign him. So, when the Panthers elect not to re-sign Williams the Dolphins must try and pursue him.

Williams' speed is exactly what Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland claims to be looking for, and Miami would be foolish not to go after him as soon as he is available. The Dolphins lacked breakaway speed this year from R&R, and DeAngelo Williams has that breakaway speed.

If the Dolphins can sign him and retain either Ricky or Ronnie, then we could have an extremely good rushing offense next season. That will, in turn, help take some of the pressure off of whatever young quarterback Miami ends up starting.

Signing Williams will also be beneficial to the Dolphins because it will free up their first-round pick and they will be able to pursue a quarterback instead. I know that Mark Ingram is a really good prospect with a lot of potential, but why not just pick up an experienced running back with a lot of talent instead and then use the pick that they would have used for Ingram to fix another problem on the offense?

As long as we don't have to worry about the running back position in the draft I will be happy. There will be other free agents available, and I wouldn't mind Miami going after one of them instead, but I think Williams is the best candidate for the job.

Hopefully, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano do pursue Williams. He would help the team instantly in more ways than one.

Thanks for reading, and let me hear your reactions.

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Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland Better Be Feeling Pressure From Everywhere

Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland told WQAM radio that he was feeling "pressure from everywhere" during an interview a couple of days ago.

All I have to say is that he better be feeling pressure, because his job is at stake. If him and Tony Sparano don't put together a winning season next year, then they will both be looking for new jobs in 2012.

I would be worried if he wasn't feeling a lot of pressure to succeed. After such a great season in 2008, the Dolphins have fallen back to mediocrity, and they just can't seem to get everything working at the same time.

In the 2009-2010 season, Miami's biggest problem was their defense. So, during the offseason they hired Mike Nolan and revamped the roster. The result in the 2010-2011 season was a much better defense that ranked among the Top 10 in the NFL. The problem was that Miami's offense was terrible, and now they will have to focus on fixing that.

Another problem is that they hired a coach without a very good resume. When Miami hired Mike Nolan we knew that he would be able to turn the team around, but Brain Daboll doesn't inspire as much confidence in next year's offense.

So yes, Jeff Ireland, you should be feeling "pressure from everywhere." We haven't seen any move you've made this offseason that excites us about next year. Fans of the Miami Dolphins expect success, and they haven't gotten that success in a long time.

Thank you everybody for reading, and please let me know what you think about Ireland saying he's feeling pressure from everywhere.

I am also curious as to whether you guys recognize the quote that I put on the logo at the top of the page. Give me your guesses about who said it and what they were talking about.

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Where Is Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall?

Since the season ended, the Miami Dolphins have been in the news pretty frequently. One Dolphin that you would have expected to be in those news, though, hasn't. That Dolphin is Brandon Marshall, and we haven't heard anything from him since early January.

In all honestly, I don't know if not hearing from him for a while is a good thing or a bad thing. He could just like the moves that Miami has mad so far this offseason and not feel the need to comment on them, but I am not so sure about that. It is possible that he just isn't interested anymore, and that could be a problem.

This is all just me making guesses, though. I just find it a little weird that one of the most vocal players on the team hasn't had anything to say in just under a month, even after most of what he was used to last season is being changed.

My main concern is that he is fed up with the team after they failed to give him an Offensive Coordinator and a Quarterback that allowed him to be successful. One of the last things the Miami Dolphins want is Brandon Marshall to start complaining about the organization, because other players might start listening and agreeing with him, and it would probably mean that the Dolphins would have to release or trade him.

The Brandon Marshall experiment is still young, and I don't want it to end before he got the chance to work with a real OC and QB.

What I hope Marshall does is tell Coach Tony Sparano and GM Jeff Ireland that he wants Miami to go and get a new quarterback. It was obvious that the Chad Henne-Brandon Marshall connection wasn't working this year, so I'm pretty sure that he doesn't want to have to work with Henne as the starter anymore.

It is also possible that he was ordered by somebody in the organization to not discuss what was happening. I wouldn't mind that being the case, because at least we know that he hasn't just given up on the team.

I am sorry for so much speculation on the topic, but it is hard to know what is actually happening when we haven't heard from him in almost a month.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think Brandon Marshall is doing.

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Miami Dolphins To Release Will Allen In More Than Just A Smart Business Decision

This might be one of the few smart moves that the Miami Dolphins have made since their season ended in early January. According to Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel, the Miami Dolphins are expected to release veteran CB Will Allen next month.

I like this move for two main reasons. The first is that they will save $5.5 million next year, which would have been the second highest salary for a Dolphin next season.

Another reason I like this move is that it shows that Miami's coaches and staff have faith in the young corners on the team.

We all knew that Vontae Davis was one of the best cornerbacks in the league, but there were some questions about the team's second corner: Sean Smith. Smith fit the second corner role very well in the second half of the season after being benched at the beginning of the season, and the Dolphins appear to be confident enough in Smith's ability that they don't feel the need to hold on to Allen anymore.

Most of you guys probably don't know this, but I am a huge Sean Smith fan. Some of you who have been reading my blog since the beginning of the season will remember me talking about him, but those of you newcomers may not know.

The fact that the Dolphins are showing faith in Smith's abilities makes me happy because he is a very talented cornerback with a lot of potential, and his height is definitely a plus.

The move also tells us that Miami's other young corners have developed well enough that they don't need Allen's help anymore. This is a good sign because, while our offense doesn't seem to be making progress, at least we know our defense has been progressing along well.

So, while it may just seem like a business decision to release Allen, it is actually a vote of confidence by the team to a young secondary.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think about the move.

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Miami Dolphins Show Interest In QB Colin Kaepernick

The Miami Dolphins have reportedly shown a lot of interest in Nevada's senior QB Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick is an extremely fast quarterback, and he has been the most impressive quarterback prospect (better than even Jake Locker) at the Senior Bowl this year.

While I would still prefer the Dolphins to take a quarterback like Ryan Mallett with their 15th overall pick, I wouldn't mind seeing them trade down to a second round pick and getting Kaepernick instead.

Kaepernick is in elite company with his passing and rushing numbers. Him, Tim Tebow, and Cam Newton are the only three players to pass for 20 touchdowns and rush for 20 touchdowns in one season. That is a pretty good statistic, and I must admit it would be pretty nice to have a quarterback who can run for a first down, too.

Kaepernick does have a tendency to start scrambling to soon, though, and that is something Miami would have to work on if they draft him. His accuracy can be questionable at times, which is probably the main reason he isn't considered a first-round prospect. He does have height working in his favor at 6'4".

One reason that I wouldn't want the Dolphins to get Kaepernick is that they would probably have to rely on Chad Henne while they waited for Kaepernick to develop enough. I don't want to have to see Henne starting at quarterback again for the Miami Dolphins, but that may be necessary if Miami trades down and drafts Kaepernick.

A good thing about trading down and still getting Kaepernick is that the Dolphins could either get another pick to help improve some of their holes or trade for a player that could step in and help them immediately.

There is still plenty of time until the draft, though, and there will no doubt be more discussion about different QB prospects and Miami's level of interest for each one. So, as always, stay tuned for more.

Thanks everyone for reading today's blog post. I hope you guys enjoy reading, and if there is ever anything you want me to write about please feel free to email me at

Also, please feel free to leave a comment.

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You Tell Me: Do You Trust The Miami Dolphins Front Office?

Once again I had to move back the "You Tell Me" to Wednesday, but this is going to be a good one, so it was worth your wait.

There have been a lot of questionable moves by the Miami Dolphins recently, and I want to know what you guys think about the men behind those moves.

I want to know from you: Do you trust Stephen Ross, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano to make the moves necessary to build a winning team? Are they capable of coaching and managing this team well enough to win?

When Wayne Huizenga gave up his ownership of the team, many of us thought that the Dolphins would be able to rebuild again, but now I am not so sure about Ross being much better.

I want to know what you guys think, so let me know.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing your opinions on Ross, Ireland, and Sparano.

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The Miami Dolphins Need To Draft A Quarterback And Take A Chance

It Worked Before...
The last time the Miami Dolphins picked a quarterback in the first round of the NFL Draft they drafted Dan Marino in 1983. So, why wouldn't they take a chance and pick another quarterback in this year's draft? It has been too many years since Marino's retirement that the Miami Dolphins have had a good, consistent quarterback, and that needs to change quickly if Stephen Ross wants to sell many tickets next year.

The time for trying to find late-round steals and trading for players from other NFL teams is over. The Miami Dolphins NEED to draft a quarterback in the first round of this year's draft.

Stephen Ross seems to be pretty concerned about making more fans come to South Florida and watch the Dolphins play at home, but bringing in celebrities isn't going to make people want to come watch bad football, and neither is hiring an offensive coordinator that many people consider to be a downgrade. I would not be surprised at all if we see season ticket sales drop to the same levels that they were at after the 1-15 season a few years ago.

Most of you guys probably know how much I like Ryan Mallett. I think he has the potential and arm to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and I want the Miami Dolphins to draft him more than anyone else in the draft, but, I also would like it if the Dolphins took a chance on Jake Locker. Both Locker and Marino had a great junior year in college, and they both stayed for their senior year of college and ended up playing very badly.

I am not saying that Locker is the second-coming of Dan Marino, but if it worked for the Miami Dolphins to go after a player who had a poor senior year the last time they picked a QB in the first round, why not try it again and hope for similar luck?

I know that some of you may not think too highly of this year's quarterback prospects, but I actually think that both Locker and Mallett could turn into top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL. Ryan Mallett has the drive and the arm to be among the best, and Jake Locker has an amazing skill set that he could develop into something really special.

I know that there are some later-round quarterbacks prospects that could do well, but I am done waiting on some "diamond in the rough" quarterback prospect for our average front office to find. They couldn't find Chad Henne in the third round, so why must we still rely on them to look into the later rounds for their franchise QB. I want them to go after a quarterback that has already proven that they can have some form of success after a good college career.

It is time to stop sitting around and take action. Mediocrity gets boring and annoying, and Stephen Ross better do something quickly if he wants to sell tickets.

Thanks for reading, and let me hear what you think about what the Miami Dolphins should do.

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The Miami Dolphins Must Not Pursue Carson Palmer

I am not sure whether or not Stephen Ross, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano are actually considering whether or not to try and bring in current Bengals QB Carson Palmer, but I really hope they aren't.

Palmer has been able to put up good numbers throughout his career, but he just hasn't been able to win. He has never won a playoff game after 8 years in the NFL, and bringing him in would only provide a one or two year (at best) bandage for Miami's quarterback woes.

Not only that, but it would keep Miami from a shot at a bunch of other really good quarterback prospects available this offseason. It would be a waste of an opportunity if the Dolphins just decided to settle for Palmer instead of going after a better player like Ryan Mallett, Cam Newton, Kevin Kolb, or Vince Young.

Bengals owner Mike Brown has said that he doesn't want to trade Palmer, but I doubt that he will actually try and force Palmer into retirement. He will try and trade Palmer for some type of value instead of just losing him.

So, cross your fingers Miami Dolphins fans, and hope that we don't hear Carson Palmer and the Miami Dolphins mentioned together in the news at all in the next few months.

Thanks for reading and please be sure to leave your comments.

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The Bill Parcells Scandal: Just Go Away Already And Leave The Miami Dolphins Alone

A few days ago, Bill Parcells admitted that current Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan was the runner-up for the Miami Dolphins Head Coaching position behind Tony Sparano.

To me, this looks like Parcells is just trying to cover up for his mistakes in Miami. He knew that he messed up the job he was supposed to do when he joined the Dolphins, which is why he left early, and now he is trying to make it seem like he was the reason the Jets are successful now.

Parcells claims that he called Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and convinced him to hire Ryan as Head Coach. All of this happened while he was still in Miami as the Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Basically, what he is saying is that he helped one of the Miami Dolphins bitter rivals hire a good coach that would make them very, very successful while still pretending to be working in the Dolphins favor.

Stephen Ross should read over Parcells contract that he signed when he joined the Dolphins, and see if there is some clause or agreement in it that prevents Parcells from helping division rivals, because that is exactly what he did.

It was like he was committing treason to his country, but instead of his country it is was Dolphins organization that he was with at the time.

And then, what did Parcells do 20 months after he basically "cheated" on the Miami Dolphins?

He left his position earlier than expected and became just a consultant for the team, all the while taking a bunch of money with him.

"Why did he leave so early?" You ask.

Well, he realized the team that he spent two years putting together wasn't going to be as good as he had planned on it being (mainly because of the quarterback he hand-picked). So, he decided to, essentially, cut his ties with the organization and escape the blame.

And guess who didn't receive the blame after an unsuccessful season by the Miami Dolphins ended?

You guessed it, Parcells. Sparano was left as the scapegoat if things went wrong, and that is exactly what he was once the year ended.

Fans forgot about Bill Parcells and how he influenced the team before he left, and instead of Parcells taking the heat that he deserved, poor Tony Sparano almost lost his job while Parcells was still being paid for a job he wasn't doing for the Miami Dolphins.

Thankfully, we still have Tony, and we can see what he will be able to do with an offseason of his own where he can make his own decisions without Bill Parcells in the picture.

Even though we have had Tony for three seasons now, this fourth season will be the one that we are finally able to see what Tony Sparano will be able to do with a football team, and not just Bill Parcells using Sparano's heavily tinted glasses as a mask if things go wrong.

I want to thank you guys for reading the Bill Parcells scandal. What is so sickening about all of this is that Parcells helped the Jets more than he helped the Dolphins, and the Jets aren't even paying him. Something is wrong with that picture, and I want people to know about it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, though, and maybe it helped sway your opinion of the liar they call the "tuna". Let me hear your reactions with comments, and as always you can just email me at

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Miami Dolphins Give Jeff Ireland A Contract Extension

Jeff Ireland has received a multi-year contract extension as the General Manager for the Miami Dolphins according to their website. They did not say how many years the contract extension added on, but I have a feeling we will see Ireland here for a while.

I know many people don't believe in Ireland, but I think he has done a pretty good job bringing in players. With the exception of Chad Henne and a few other draft mistakes, Ireland has been able to bring in a lot of hidden talent as evidenced by players like Cameron Wake and Davone Bess.

He also played a part in bringing in the talent Miami has at defense. I am not sure how much of a role he played, but I feel like he had to have a good bit of influence when it came to bringing in talent.

I know Ireland hasn't always had the best past (i.e. the Dez Bryant mother accusations), but I feel like he has been a good GM since he's been here.

There is also the problem of his relationship with Tony Sparano. I have heard a lot of talk about them not liking and not have a good relationship with each other. Even Tony acknowledged in the roundtable discussion announcing his own extension that he expected their to be arguments between the two, but he also said that those arguments were a good thing and that they were necessary to be productive.

So, until we start hearing about the two arguing about things other than football, I don't see a problem with it.

Let me know what you guys think about giving Ireland the extension. I know many of you dislike him pretty strongly, so tell me why.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Multiple Mock Drafts Have The Miami Dolphins Drafting Mark Ingram, But Should They?

Please Tony, Draft Ryan Mallett
Both CBS Sports and Mel Kiper of ESPN have the Miami Dolphins picking RB Mark Ingram with the 15th overall selection of the NFL Draft.
I have been stressing for a few weeks now that the Dolphins need to take a quarterback with their first pick, and I still believe that to be the case. Mel Kiper may be the most informed and intelligent person in the country when it comes to the NFL Draft, but he doesn't know as much about the Miami Dolphins, specifically, which is why I think he is wrong that the Dolphins will get Ingram.

All Kiper sees are Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams leaving, so he figures they should worry about replacing them first. What he may not realize is how much Chad Henne has hurt Miami this year. It is much more crucial for the Dolphins to draft or trade for a quarterback with their first pick. By trading for a quarterback with their first pick, I mean trading the pick to a team like the Eagles for Kevin Kolb.

There will always be good running back talent with high potential available later in the draft, but that isn't normally the case at quarterback. Almost always, the good quarterbacks with the best potential will be taken in the first round, and the Dolphins need to make sure they pick up one of those guys.

My clear favorite candidate of the quarterbacks in this year's NFL Draft is Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett. I would rather Mallett over both Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert. I know many of you will disagree with me on that one, but I am confident that Mallett will be the best NFL quarterback of this draft class.

The reason I would take Mallett over Gabbert is that Gabbert has been in a spread offense in college, and successful spread offense quarterbacks almost never translate into successful NFL quarterbacks.

I would take Mallett over Newton because Newton had to rely too much on his feet in college, which he won't be able to do in the NFL. I understand that he is still a good passer, but I fear that the temptation to run will be too much for him to avoid. NFL athletes are much, much faster and stronger than NCAA athletes, and Newton won't be able to be nearly as explosive because of that. I also just don't get a good feeling about him in the NFL. I know that he is supremely talented, but for some reason I just don't see him doing well in the NFL.

As for Mallett, I think he will be the best QB of this class because of his big arm and intensity. Mallett can make every pass in the NFL that he will ever need to make, hands down. He can make extremely tough passes with immaculate accuracy and make it look easy. He is also an extremely passionate and fiery competitor. His footwork needs improvement, and his decision-making isn't always the best because he is a little too confident in his arm, which is why he is considered #3 in the Draft, but I still think he is better than Newton and Gabbert despite his weaknesses.

As you guys can tell, I love Mallett, and I am thinking that he deserves to be ranked higher than he is. It would be a huge mistake for the Miami Dolphins to pass up him for Ingram with the 15th pick. Not that Ingram isn't a great running back, but I think Miami needs to worry about their quarterback first.

Thanks for reading, and tell me who you think Miami should get as well as your reaction to what I have said, because I know a lot of other people think differently.

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I May Have Spoken Too Soon About Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll

I will admit that I may have spoken too soon about the Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll before I even got the chance to hear him talk.

I watched his introductory Press Conference with the Miami Dolphins, and I have to say that I am pretty impressed by him and his intensity.

You could just tell how intense and passionate he is about the game of football and his job by how he spoke and his body language throughout the conference.

We do not know yet what his offensive style will be this year, but I am more confident that whatever style it is will end up being successful. When a coach is fiery like Daboll, the players will reflect that intensity when they play. They will also tremendously respect him.

Players love to see a coach that will be just as passionate and energetic as them. Just watch this video to see a little bit about his energy:

While it was really funny to see him fall, it still shows us a little bit about Daboll as a coach. He is one of those coaches that chest bumps and high-fives his players, and that type of enthusiasm is contagious.

I will say again that I am not sure about his coaching style, but I still believe in Daboll more than when I was first learning about him because of his passion. It is hard not to be at least somewhat successful with that kind of passion, which is why I am more confident in him.

We will see how he does. The Miami Dolphins could still very well end up being unproductive and terrible again, but that might not be the case after.

I have also included Daboll's press conference for those of you who have the time to watch it. It is just under 10 minutes long, and you can just watch the second half of the video if you just want to see Daboll.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think about Daboll with a comment.

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You Tell Me: Predict The Miami Dolphins Record Next Year

Tuesday was a very busy day, so I had to push the "You Tell Me" back a day so I could keep up with what was happening with the OC and QB spots.

Well, the Miami Dolphins have officially introduced Brian Daboll as their new Offensive Coordinator, and I want to know how you guys think the Dolphins offense will do under Daboll's leadership and what you think Miami's win-loss record will be.

I know it is too early to be predicting how next season will turn out, but what else do we Dolphins fans have to do to kill time instead? Predicting gives us something to do to distract us from how bad they did this year.

Now, my official question to you guys is:
What do you think the Miami Dolphins record will be next year?

So, start scrolling down and typing your responses. I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say. Do you have hope for the future, or do you just think they will have to start all over again after it is over?

Thanks everyone for reading.

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Yes, It Can Get Worse: Miami Dolphins QB Chad Pennington Will Try To Return And Play In The NFL

I thought the hiring of Brian Daboll was pretty bad news, but this makes things even worse.
Guess Who's Back

Two-time NFL Comeback Player of the Year QB Chad Pennington has announced that he plans on returning to play another season in the NFL after having yet another season-ending shoulder injury in 2010.

He is an impending free agent, but I am willing to bet that the Miami Dolphins will attempt to re-sign him.

Let me first say that this is not bad news because Chad Pennington is a bad quarterback. It is instead bad news because the Miami Dolphins may decide to rely on him as their starter for the 2011-2012 season, which is not something we want them to do.

Chad Pennington is a pretty good quarterback, but he isn't good enough to justify starting when there are so many other great quarterback candidates with great potential that will be available for Miami to get instead.

What makes Pennington coming to Miami even more likely is that he has a very good relationship with Miami's new Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll, which can only be bad news for us Dolphins fans that want a new quarterback.

Daboll may just elect to start Pennington this season because they know each other well and he trusts Pennington. Trust normally isn't a bad thing, but Daboll's trust in Pennington will not have a favorable result.

If Brian Daboll decides to start Pennington, not only will he not do well, but he also won't be able to last more than a few games without hurting his shoulder again.

We all saw how quickly Pennington re-injured his shoulder and how little it took. What will happen when he lands really hard on it?

If Pennington gets injured as the starter, then the Dolphins would have to put Chad Henne in because they wouldn't have pursued another quarterback after thinking that they would've been able to rely on Chad Pennington.

This also hurts Miami because now they won't be able to hire him as their quarterbacks coach. I don't know whether Pennington would have been willing to coach if he retired from playing, but I still think he would have been really good at coaching if he decided to. Now we know he won't be coaching, so the Dolphins will have to find a new candidate to coach their QBs.

All in all, Pennington coming back hurts Miami. Not only will he probably end up still playing for the Dolphins, but he also won't be able to coach for them.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think about Pennington's decision in the comments below.

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The Miami Dolphins Will Hire Brian Daboll, But Who Is He?

Say Hello To Your New Offensive Coordinator
Well, I used to think that Brad Childress was the worst possible candidate for the Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator opening, but now I could be wrong.

Brian Daboll, who the Dolphins are going to sign within the next 24 hours, might just be the worst candidate.

After doing a little bit of research, guess what I found out.

Daboll's offense last year was worse than the Miami Dolphins, so instead of improving upon their pathetic offense it looks like the Dolphins will be getting even worse.

The only bright spots on Daboll's resume were RB Peyton Hillis' success last year and his tenure as the Wide Receiver coach for the New England Patriots when they won three Super Bowl Championships. Other than that, I can't find much else that he has done.

Daboll's offense last year was one behind the Dolphins in scoring at 31st in the league. They were the 29th worst passing team and the 20th ranked rushing team. It baffles me why Miami would be willing to hire somebody who was unable to do any better than who they just got rid of.

The Dolphins have not publicly acknowledged the hiring of Daboll yet, so there is still an extremely slim possibility that they won't actually hire Daboll, but I doubt it.

I'll be honest, I may be overreacting a little bit. Daboll got a chance to learn under Bill Belichick from 2002 to 2006, so he probably learned some good stuff while with the Patriots. He also didn't have much to work with this year in Cleveland because the Browns weren't exactly stacked with talent.

With all that considered, I still can't see why Tony Sparano, Jeff Ireland, and Stephen Ross would be willing to hire Daboll. Daboll might be able to build a successful running offense, but that isn't what Stephen Ross wanted. He wanted a better passing offense, and the numbers just don't point to Brian Daboll being the guy that gives Ross what he wants.

I could be wrong, though. Maybe they saw something in Daboll other than just the numbers. I sure hope so, because I hate not being able to watch my Dolphins in the playoffs year after year.

One thing is for sure, I don't expect the hiring of Brian Daboll will help fill any more seats in Sun Life Stadium next year. If anything, it will reduce the number of tickets sold.

All is not lost, though. At least we can be thankful that he will be better than Dan Henning.

Thanks for reading, and let me hear your comments. I know you guys have a whole lot to say about this.

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Miami Dolphins To Hire Brian Daboll As Offensive Coordinator

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, the Miami Dolphins will hire current Cleveland Browns Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll as their own Offensive Coordinator.

This is unexpected news after we had originally heard that Rob Chudzinski was the frontrunner for the Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator position.

I am writing this from my mobile, so I will put up a post ASAP today with more information on Daboll.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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What Will The Miami Dolphins Running Back Position Look Like Next Year?

For those of you who don't know, there is a strong possibility that both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams won't return to the Miami Dolphins next season.

Ricky had a "rant" of sorts complaining about Tony Sparano and his coaching style, and he said that he thought it was time to move on from the Dolphins organization. It would be a shock to me if he does end up playing for Miami again, and we might as well consider him gone.

Ronnie didn't have a rant, but all signs are pointing to him not playing with the Miami Dolphins next season. He never directly said that he wanted to leave Miami, but he does seem to be considering playing for other teams, too.

There are a few other running backs that could be available if they don't return to their teams. Two players that I would love Miami to get are Deangelo Williams and Cedric Benson. Williams is already all but gone from Carolina. Benson still has a chance of returning to Cincinnati, but it there is still a good chance he will be leaving.

Miami could also look in the draft and get a player like Mark Ingram in the first round, but I would prefer them not to because they should use their early draft pick to find a quarterback.

They could try and search for gold late in the draft and find a runner with huge potential, but I am not too confident in Miami's ability to find a player like that late in the draft. After all, we aren't the Patriots. We don't have an immaculate ability to find the perfect players late in the draft like Bill Belichick and his staff, so it might be better to just go after a proven player.

Like always, we will see what happens. Thanks for reading, and let me know who you want Miami to get next year.

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Report: Rob Chudzinski Is Frontrunner For Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Position.

According to Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel, current Assistant-Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers Rob Chudzinski is the frontrunner for the Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator position.

This comes after news that the Dolphins will be interviewing Brad Childress as a possible candidate for the job. I am relieved to hear that there is a good chance Miami won't hire Childress because I didn't see him helping Miami at all, and I am optimistic about what Chudzinski will be able to do.

Rob Chudzinski has had an incredible history with tight ends, and I think he will be really good at running Miami's offense.

We will see what happens, so stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

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We Need You, Miami Dolphins Fans, To Help Block The Lockout

As we all know, it is possible that we won't have football next year because of a lockout. I wanted to let you guys know about #LETUSPLAY day that NFL players will be participating in next Tuesday the 18th.

Basically, "Let Us Play" day will be an online blitz by NFL Players across social media outlets in an attempt to Block The Lockout.

We all want football next year, and we need to make sure that the "Let Us Play" message gets out. You guys can help by signing a petition to help "Block the Lockout" and then getting your friends to sign it as well.

The petition is at, so be sure to sign it and then post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter telling other people to sign it. It is important that you get the word out to tell people about the petition, because we need as many people to sign it as possible.

I, personally, can't stand the thought of no NFL for a year, and I am sure most of you feel the same way. Please be sure to sign it everybody.

Once again, here is the link:

Thanks for reading, now get to work.

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Please Stephen Ross, Don't Hire Brad Childress As The Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator

The Miami Dolphins are going to interview Brad Childress as a potential candidate for their Offensive Coordinator position. That is a bad idea, and the Dolphins must not hire Childress to run their offense if they ever want to win in the near future.

Yes, Childress did take his Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship game last season, but that was more thanks to Brett Favre's arm than it was Childress' leadership.

In fact, Childress seems to be a very bad leader. He lost the respect of the majority of his players in Minnesota while he was there, and I am worried that something similar would happen with the Miami Dolphins players if he came to South Beach.

We already have a possible problem brewing after the whole debacle between Stephen Ross and Tony Sparano, and bringing Childress in would just make things worse.

I would much rather the Dolphins go after somebody like Mike Leach, the former Texas Tech coach, or Chad Pennington. Technically, Pennington is still a player, but I doubt that he will come back and ever play again because of how weak his shoulder is.

Miami should hire Chad as either their offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach before he gets a chance to coach for another team. He is a veteran with a lot of experience, and I really think he would be a great coach. He was basically a coach this year, so why not just promote him officially?

Please Stephen Ross, whatever you do, don't bring in Brad Childress. There are plenty of other candidates that you can look at instead of Childress. You talk about being committed to making a winning team, but then you go out and interview Brad Childress.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think about Childress, Pennington, and Leach with your comments.

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Stephen Ross Wants A New Offense For The Miami Dolphins, But First He Needs A Quarterback

A few days ago Stephen Ross told Tony Sparano that he wanted the Miami Dolphins offense to be like that of the Dan Marino days. Here is what Ross said:
"I’ve told Tony that, to me, I want an aggressive, creative offense, not playing just to keep it close, where people really are a little more unpredictable. So, I think I look for a different brand, seeing the Dolphins how fans want to see it, and how we win, going downfield, in the days of Dan Marino, the days we all want to go back to."

That is easier said than done, Mr. Ross.

Sure, we would all like an offense like that, but you have to have a quarterback who is capable of running it first. The majority of us agree that Chad Henne is not that quarterback. I know there are a few Henne believers out there, and I am sorry to tell you, but he just isn't the guy for the Dolphins. I would be shocked if he ever played another down in Miami as the starter. He may be a backup, but not the full-time starter.

What I am saying, though, is that if Stephen Ross wants to have an offense like that, then he needs to find a good-enough quarterback for that offense, and thankfully, there are going to be a lot of good quarterbacks available this offseason.

If Ross wants to look into either free agents or players that will be available to trade for, then he will have players like Kyle Orton, Kevin Kolb, and Vince Young available.

I would prefer Orton over the other two, because he puts up great numbers without a lot of interceptions. The Broncos benched him after two bad games, but before those games he was putting up great numbers almost every week.

I wouldn't mind Miami getting either Kolb or Young, though. Kolb might not be my first choice, but the Eagles still trusted him enough to get rid of Donovan McNabb, so he can't be that bad.

Young is somewhat of a wild-card. He could turn out to be Michael Vick-esque, or he could just do the same thing he did in Tennessee: nothing special. I could actually see Vince Young playing for Miami, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if Stephen Ross pursues him.

There is also the NFL Draft, and I am not sure whether Ross is willing to trade up to get a better draft pick or not. If he doesn't trade, some candidates that might be available are Ryan Mallet of Arkansas and Jake Locker of Washington. Mallett could possibly go before Miami has a chance to get him, but there is still a good chance the Dolphins will have a shot at drafting him.

Mallett is my favorite quarterback in the draft or free agency. He stands tall at 6-6, and he has the fire and intensity that you need to see in a quarterback. He also has an insane ability to fit a ball into tight coverage perfectly where only the receiver can get it.

A kid like Mallett has off-the-charts potential because of his fire and drive, and that is the type of player I want playing for the Miami Dolphins. He has been known to choke in late-game situation, which is why he isn't the top quarterback, but if you can get him with NFL coaches that teach him how to keep his composure, then he should be able to get over his late-game problems.

I don't know too much about Jake Locker yet. All I know is that he is a great athlete with a really good skill set who suffers from poor decision making. He is also extremely tough and a great leader. Just last year he was considered one of the best QB prospects in the draft, but has fallen this year after returning to college as a senior and having a bad year. I think the Dolphins could take a risk on Locker and see it pay off, but they better be ready to teach him a lot to improve his decision making.

Those are some of the main candidates for the quarterback job now, and please, to anybody who still thinks that Henne is the man, just give up on him already. He isn't accurate enough and doesn't make good enough decisions to be an NFL quarterback. It took me a while to realize, but I finally did after the Cleveland game. Now it's your turn.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think about these prospects and other potential ones the Miami Dolphins might be able to get.

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Stephen Ross' Letter To Miami Dolphins Fans

I know this letter has been out for a few days, but it came to my attention that some of my readers haven't seen it yet.

The following is a letter written by Stephen Ross on the website. It came shortly after the Head Coach debacle that resulted in Tony Sparano getting a contract extension.

For anyone who hasn't read it yet, I encourage you to. Here is the full copy courtesy of

To Our Loyal Season Ticket Members and Dolphins Fans,

The first of the three commitments that I made to all of our fans when I purchased the Miami Dolphins was that I would do everything possible to bring a Super Bowl championship back to South Florida. That, above all else, is what I want for this franchise, for this community and what you, as a season ticket member and Dolphins fan, deserve.

So there is no confusion about our recent actions, and because you are entitled to our trust and confidence, I want you to hear directly from me about the evaluation process of the past week.

Going into the 2010 season, my expectation was that we had a team and an organization that was capable of reaching the Super Bowl. We fell short of that goal and, furthermore, the season was disappointing for a few reasons. We were very aggressive during the offseason and added players and coaches that we believed were the missing pieces to put us over the top. While many of those new faces were outstanding contributors this season, we still fell short in other areas. Additionally, our performance at home was bitterly disappointing. The reasons as to why we played so much better on the road than at home are hard to figure. As a fan myself, I know how frustrating this season was on all of you.

The results were unacceptable. We hold ourselves to higher standards and have loftier goals for this franchise. We fell short of our mission of returning to the postseason and did not measure up to the high standards we set for ourselves. As a result, I felt it was incumbent upon me to explore options to improve this team.

I met with Tony Sparano on Monday to discuss the season and understand his plan of what needed to change as we headed into the offseason. I told him that I needed time to digest what I had heard and that I would get back to him with my thoughts later in the week. Meanwhile, I received word that Jim Harbaugh made it clear that his intention was to pursue a career in the NFL. As news reports began to surface on Tuesday that Jim was interviewing with other teams, I made the decision to reach out to Jim to see whether or not he would be a beneficial fit for the organization.

General Manager Jeff Ireland and I met with Jim on Thursday. At the end of the meeting, I thanked Jim for his time, wished him well and soon let him know that we would not pursue the discussion any further. To be clear, I made no offer to Jim Harbaugh. Reports to the contrary and the associated outrageous financial terms that were rumored with those reports were completely inaccurate. We never spoke to any other coaching candidates, including Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden or any other names that have been rumored to be a candidate.

Tony Sparano is the best person to lead this team. Tony's contract has been extended through the 2013 season, and I wholeheartedly believe that the combination of Jeff and Tony represents one of the strongest organizations in all of football. I remain committed to supporting them in any way possible and will always provide the financial resources to make us a winner.

I am obsessed with winning and will do whatever it takes to make us a perennial Super Bowl contender. Many of the model franchises over the course of NFL history have been built on a commitment from ownership to chart a course for the organization, select the right people to execute that strategy and allow them the time to finish what they started. Stability and consistency are two of the most important virtues of ownership.

I realize your faith in us has been put to the test this week, but I assure you we are well positioned to return to the winning ways that have defined this franchise.

Let me end by thanking you for hanging in there and supporting us throughout the year despite our struggles at home. For that, we are sincerely grateful. You have my personal and unwavering commitment that we will do our part to create a true home field advantage with your help in the future. Rest assured, there are better days ahead for the Miami Dolphins.

With sincere thanks and appreciation,

Steve Ross

Let me know what your opinion of the letter is with a comment. Thanks for reading.

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Bet On The Super Bowl With

Hey everyone, a friend of mine that owns a sports news and betting site called Sports Untapped, and I promised him that I would let you guys know a little bit about his site and what it does. focuses on news for all kinds of sports, but mainly NFL. What makes Sports Untapped different from other news sites is that they give a lot of betting advice, and they have a bunch of different partners for you to place your bets with.

Sports Untapped does not actually take your bets, they just tell you the best places to bet for your specific interests.

Sports Untapped has an entire Super Bowl Betting section designed specifically for explaining the different ways to bet on the Super Bowl. I have personally never bet before and do not have any experience in the matter, but I am planning on betting on this year's Super Bowl, and I will be using Sports Untapped to find which type of bet I want to use.

I encourage you guys to go check it out. Even those of you who do not have any experience betting might want to try it out. You don't have to bet a lot, and it will give you a little more of a rooting interest since Miami didn't make it.

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You Tell Me: Who Do You Want To Run The Miami Dolphins Offense?

Today's edition of "You Tell Me" is all about the Offensive Coordinator.

Now that Dan Henning is gone, the Miami Dolphins are beginning their search for a new Offensive Coordinator, and I want to know who you guys think Miami should sign.

Here is a list of potential candidates that I have heard mentioned for the job:

  • Josh McDaniels (ex-Head Coach of the Denver Broncos)
  • John Garrett (current Tight Ends Coach for the Dallas Cowboys)
  • Maurice Carthon (current Assistant Head Coach for the Kansas City Chiefs)
  • Bill Musgrave (current Assistant Head Coach for the Atlanta Falcons)
  • Chris Palmer (current Head Coach for the Hartford Colonials [UFL])
  • Rob Chudzinski (current Assistand Head Coach for the San Diego Chargers)
  • Jimmy Raye (ex-Offensive Coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers)
  • Paul Chryst (current Offensive Coordinator for the University of Wisconsin)
  • Jim Fassel (current Head Coach for the Las Vegas Locomotives [UFL])
Those are some of the names that have been thrown around, and thanks to Brian Biggane of the Palm Beach Post for listing a lot of those potential candidates.

There are probably other candidates, and I don't fault you for not knowing all of the above candidates, because I don't either. I just put that list up there to give you a few names and see if you recognized any.

My question to you is: Who do you want the Miami Dolphins to hire as an offensive coordinator?

As always, I won't influence your opinion in the post. I want to hear who you guys want.

You can take a name or two off of that list, or you could ignore the list completely and just talk about somebody you think would be great for the job. I don't care.

So, let me know what you think with a comment. I look forward to hearing your opinions.

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With David Lee Gone, The Miami Dolphins Can Now Start Their Quarterback Search From Scratch.

Miami Dolphins Quarterbacks Coach David Lee is leaving the NFL to go coach college football as an Offensive Coordinator for Ole Miss. While I am not sure why Ole Miss would want Lee to be running their entire offense after seeing how Chad Henne turned out under him, I am relieved that they took him.

I am guessing that Ole Miss wanted Lee because he was the guy who designed the wildcat, and they figured that he has more in his bag of tricks. That's their problem now, though, and now Miami must focus on starting over on offense.

Not only will the Dolphins just need to find a new Offensive Coordinator, they will also need to find a new Quarterbacks coach and (most importantly) a new quarterback. The Chad Henne experiment was a failure on multiple levels, and now, thankfully, all of those failed levels are gone except for Henne himself.

I do not have any knowledge of coaching candidates for the position, but I will see what I can find out.

Stay tuned in about an hour or so for a "You Tell Me," because it is Tuesday after all.

Thanks for reading.

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The Miami Dolphins Should Sign Josh McDaniels As Their Offensive Coordinator

Now that the Miami Dolphins Head Coach situation is all settled up, it is time to start focusing on the Offensive Coordinator.

Previous Offensive Coordinator Dan Henning is stepping down, and it is time for the Dolphins to find another coordinator who is good at play calling and can use the strengths of his players to his advantage instead of trying to force them to use their weaknesses.

I have really only heard two different names as potential candidates for Offensive Coordinator: The first is Gary Kubiak, but it looks like he will remain as the Head Coach of the Texans. The second is Josh McDaniels, who was the Denver Broncos Head Coach for two years before being fired.

I am sure there are a lot of other candidates that Miami is considering, but those are the only two I have heard about.

I, personally, am very much in favor of the Miami Dolphins hiring McDaniels as their Offensive Coordinator. I know he hasn't done well as a Head Coach, but, from what I have seen, he can put together a great passing offense.

If you look at Broncos QB Kyle Orton, who is know available to trade for, and compare his numbers from his best year in Chicago to his two years in Denver, you can see how much he has improved under McDaniels. In just his first year with the Broncos he had almost 1000 more passing yards than his best year with the Bears, and if he hadn't been benched after 13 games this year, he would have been close to 1500 more yards than his best year with the Bears.

Not only is McDaniels good for quarterbacks, but he would also be good for Brandon Marshall. Under McDaniels, Marshall didn't get as many yards as previous year, but he did get a career-high in touchdowns. Isn't that what Miami has been missing this year? Touchdowns?

I don't know what you guys think about McDaniels, but I want him to come in and turn whatever quarterback we trade, sign, or draft into a star. If you combine the potential passing attack that McDaniels would bring with our current defense, you're talking a push for the Super Bowl as soon as next year.

Miami better go after McDaniels soon, though, because the Vikings are also looking at him. I bet there are other good offensive coordinators out there, but McDaniels may be exactly what Miami is looking for just because they need somebody to develop their new quarterback as well as help them score a lot of points.

Josh McDaniels is a huge step up from Dan Henning for the Miami Dolphins, and it would be a mistake if they didn't try and go after him before any other team gets him.

Let me know what you guys think, I look forward to hearing your opinions.

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Stephen Ross Clears Up The Past Week For The Miami Dolphins

In a very awkward Round-Table Press Conference on Saturday, Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross attempted to explain what happened this week.

Among other things, Ross admitted that he should have handled the situation a lot differently than he did, and he cited his inexperience as part of the reason for mishandling what happened.

One thing I found surprising was that Ross said that nobody in the Miami Dolphins Organization had contacted Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher concerning the Dolphins Head Coach position. There have been a lot of reports stating that Miami had talked to Bill Cowher about becoming Miami's Head Coach, but according to Ross those talks never happened.

Concerning what went down with Jim Harbaugh, Ross said that he was already heading to California for another meeting and decided that he would meet with Harbaugh while he was there. I am not sure whether I believe Ross about conveniently being on the way to California where Harbaugh was, but we have to take his word for it.

Ross then went on to say that he never offered Jim Harbaugh any contract at all, and definitely not for the amount that was reported. I am not sure who said that they made an offer and where that got started, but some people will say anything to get more readers.

He said that as soon as the interview with Harbaugh was over that he and Jeff Ireland decided Tony was still the man for the job. He sent Tony a message telling him that he was still his guy, which Tony got the next morning when he woke up and turned his phone on.

While I do think Ross could have handled things a lot better than he did, at least it wasn't as bad as we thought. All Ross did was meet with Harbaugh, and Tony Sparano knew his job was safe a lot earlier than we thought he did. It wasn't the greatest situation that he put Tony in, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it appeared to be.

Thanks for reading, and let me hear your reactions.

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As Another Season Comes To An End, The Miami Dolphins Must Watch The Playoffs From The Sidelines Again

Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Needs To Do More Than Just Bring In Tennis Players
Miami Dolphins fans have known this feeling all too well in the past decade. Miami has only made the playoffs once in the last nine years (from 2002-2010), and this once proud franchise and its fans have become used to losing.

If you look at the nine-year period before the most recent nine years (from 1993-2001), Miami made the playoffs seven out of those nine seasons.

A big reason for that lack of success has been the Dolphins quarterback search. In just the last eight years Miami has gone through seven different starting quarterbacks, and I certain that we will need another quarterback for next season.

It has been a never-ending cycle of finding a new quarterback, that quarterback not doing well, and then dumping him at the end of the season. What Miami must do is get their new starter from the first round of the draft. Joey Harrington was the only first-round quarterback that Miami has had in the last decade, and the only reason Miami got him was because it was the Lions who drafted him that early and he wasn't good enough for them to hang on to.

The Dolphins MUST use their 15th overall draft pick to either get a quarterback or use it to trade up and get an even better quarterback. I, personally, am not planning on buying any tickets to a game next season if they don't fix their quarterback situation. I know I am not the only one who feels that way, too, and we all know how much Stephen Ross hates empty seats.

Ross has tried way too hard to bring glamour into the franchise and has not focused enough on bringing in wins. After that Head Coach debacle that Ross put us through these past few days, he better be ready to do something really good during the offseason to make us forget this week.

I for one have gotten tired of the mediocrity. It is time to make something big happen. Ross did a good job last offseason by bringing in Brandon Marshall, but now he needs to do an even better job this offseason by bringing in a good quarterback and a good offensive coordinator that will actually be able to score points.

We are all waiting Mr. Ross. It is time to see what you can do.

I encourage you guys to write letters to Stephen Ross with your opinions on what he has done and what you think he should do. Here is the address you can write to to reach him:

Miami Dolphins
ATTN: Stephen Ross
7500 SW 30th Street
Davie, Florida, 33314.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what your impressions of the current state of the Miami Dolphins organization is.

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Tony Sparano Will Remain Head Coach Of The Miami Dolphins

After what has seemed like the longest 24 hours of waiting for the news of the Miami Dolphins signing Jim Harbaugh to a record contract, it has just come across that Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross has instead decided to keep current Head Coach Tony Sparano as Miami's Head Coach.

According to an ESPN alert, the Dolphins have decided to retain Sparano as their head coach only a few hours after all signs seemed to point at them signing Jim Harbaugh to replace him instead.

While I am not sure yet whether I like the decision to keep Sparano, I do know that I don't like how Stephen Ross handled the whole situation. Ross showed how little faith he had in Tony by flying across the country and offering to pay a huge amount of money in a desperate effort to sign Harbaugh.

Stephen Ross has basically just thrown Tony Sparano into a pile of mud and then offered to pick him back up, all the while acting like nothing has happened and he never threw him in the mud in the first place.

How can Tony Sparano be as productive as we all want him to be if he doesn't believe he has the faith of the owner whose team he is coaching? All the last few days have been is a huge distraction for the Dolphins organization and a confidence (and maybe even a career) killer for Tony Sparano.

I wanted Miami to bring in Harbaugh simply because Tony Sparano had seemed to have been losing a lot of support from people in the organization, and now things have gotten worse because Stephen Ross hasn't shown support for him.

Ross can say all he wants about how he believes in Tony Sparano, but we will all know what lengths he went to to try and get another Head Coach instead of Tony.

The drama is now over, but I am honestly no more satisfied knowing the result than a few hours ago when I didn't know the result. If there was ever a way you wanted to hurt your coaches chances to succeed, that may have been the best option.

The good news in the midst of all of this Head-Coaching drama is that Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Dan Henning has officially stepped down from his position in Miami. We knew this was coming, but it is very satisfying news to finally hear. I am hoping that the Dolphins can bring in Josh McDaniels as Henning's replacement and see what he is able to do.

I know you guys have reactions, so let me hear 'em with your comments.

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Report: Miami Dolphins Now Front Runner For Jim Harbaugh

According to a report the Miami Dolphins are now the most likely to sign Jim Harbaugh as their Head Coach. This comes after Owner Stephen Ross and General Manager Jeff Ireland travelled across the country late yesterday to meet with Jim Harbaugh in the hopes of convincing him to sign with Miami instead of the 49ers.

Stephen Ross wants to make Harbaugh the highest paid coach in the NFL. He is apparently offering Harbaugh a contract in the range of $7 to $8 million a year.

We will see what happens. Hopefully Miami can get something done today. Stay tuned for more updates.

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And Just Like That, Tony Sparano's Job With The Miami Dolphins Is No Longer Safe

It was only a few days ago that we thought Tony Sparano's job as the Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins was safe, but his grip on that position appears to be weakening more and more as time passes by.

Sparano met with owner Stephen Ross a few days ago to discuss his future with the Miami Dolphins, and I figured that Ross would come out of that meeting confident with Tony and his abilities and ready to worry about things other than the Miami's Head-Coaching position. I was wrong, though, as now it is looking highly unlikely that Tony Sparano will keep his job.

So, let us assume that Miami is going to fire Tony Sparano in the near future. The two names that I have been consistently hearing as his replacement are current Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and retired, but Super Bowl winning, coach Bill Cowher.

The harder coach to get is probably going to be Jim Harbaugh because of the huge amount of demand there is for him. There is a strong possibility that the San Francisco 49ers will hire him because he currently lives in that area, but the Dolphins have begun to emerge more and more as strong candidates at hiring him.

Whoever Harbaugh goes with, though, will have to pay him a very large salary. He is reportedly looking for at least $6 million, and that number could easily rise about $7 million if Miami and San Francisco get into a bidding war. I am confident that the Dolphins would be able to get Harbaugh if it comes down to just a bidding war, though, because Stephen Ross seems pretty determined to get Harbaugh after the huge success he has had with Stanford in recent years.

Also, I am not saying that this will happen, because it is very likely that it would never happen, but if Miami does end up hiring Harbaugh, then he may convince them to trade up for the first-overall draft pick in order to draft QB Andrew Luck. I know that such a thing would probably only happen in my fantasyland, but one can always hope to be that lucky.

There is also Bill Cowher, who was receiving a lot more attention than Harbaugh last week and would be a great choice for Head Coach in Miami.

Cowher's interest in the Dolphins job has wavered a little bit because of the fact that he wants to be able to bring in the staff of his choice, but Miami has been insistent in keeping Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan and General Manager Jeff Ireland. I think that they would be able to work something out if it came down to keeping Nolan and Ireland, but it could still pose a problem if Cowher has competing offers from other teams.

Cowher has a great coaching resume with 15 years of experience as a Head Coach, a Super Bowl ring, and a .623 career winning percentage. He knows how to win, so I wouldn't be disappointed at all if he came to the Dolphins.

Now that you guys have a brief overview on two potential candidates for the Head-Coaching job, let me take a minute to talk about the poor guy who has to sit and wait to see if he will keep his job for next year: Tony Sparano.

I have never really doubted Sparano until yesterday when I read what Ricky Williams had to say during a radio interview about Tony Sparano's style as a head coach. According to Ricky, Sparano likes to micromanage a lot and makes the game a lot less fun. Ricky had a lot of criticism to say about Sparano during the interview, and I just can't help but take notice.

Ricky is normally a very reserved player who doesn't insult people on his team much, so him saying those things about Tony means a lot about how he coaches.

Plus, Jason Taylor recently backed up what Ricky said during his own radio interview. I know that a lot of us don't really like Taylor after he left Miami for the New York Jets, but we still have to respect his opinion because of his experience in the NFL. Jason Taylor knows what he is talking about, so hearing him and Ricky Williams (with their combined 24 years of experience in the NFL) complaining about Tony Sparano's style makes me wonder whether I want him coaching the Dolphins.

I highly doubt that it will take longer than a day to find out what is going to happen with Miami's coaching situation, so be sure to stay tuned for whatever breaking news comes across.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave a comment.

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You Tell Me: What Quarterback Would You Like The Miami Dolphins To Draft?

I am sorry for posting so late, but today has been a very busy day, and I am just now getting home.

Today's "You Tell Me" is what quarterback do you want the Miami Dolphins to draft this year(with the exception of Andrew Luck)?

Andrew Luck will be taken by the Panthers if he goes to the draft, so unless Stephen Ross is willing to trade up for him, Miami isn't going to get him. That leaves Miami with a few different options, and I want to know who you would like the Dolphins to pick up.

I know most of you will probably be reading this in the morning, so just let me know your answer then. Thanks for reading!

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Tony Sparano Is Receiving Support From A Lot Of Different Players In The Miami Dolphins Organization, But Is His Job Safe?

I have not yet heard a single player on the Miami Dolphins team that hasn't supported keeping Tony Sparano as the Head Coach, and it makes you think that he is going to keep his job.

Now, Chad Pennington has joined the list of players in Miami who have expressed their support for Sparano, and I believe that his approval is the most important by a player so far. Pennington is a veteran quarterback who has a lot of knowledge about the game, and I think he will influence owner Stephen Ross' decision greatly.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait long to find out what happens. Tony Sparano and Stephen Ross have a meeting scheduled in the near future, and I have a feeling we will know what comes out of that meeting pretty soon. I am not sure of the date and time of the meeting, but my impression is that it is within the next few days.

I still believe that Tony is the best fit for the Miami Dolphins. The players already love him, and they almost always play their hearts out for him. I'm not saying that they "always" play their hearts out because of Sunday's game against New England, but I'm not concerned about that happening in the future. That was just a bad game capping off a disappointing season, and we should forget about it now.

My guess is that Stephen Ross keeps Tony. He still has a winning record as a head coach, and it isn't like he has coached a terrible team. He has played a part in bringing in a lot of talent, and we shouldn't overlook that. If Chad Henne weren't such a bust, we would be looking at the huge amount of talent Miami has instead of trying to figure out what went wrong.

That's it for now. Stay tuned, because we will probably be hearing about the future of the Miami Dolphins Head Coach Position soon.

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Miami Dolphins Lose Embarrassing Game 38-7 Against Patriots

Well, the good thing that we got out of this game is that Chad Henne has finally been benched. Henne was only in the game long enough to throw one interception, but I am confident that if he kept playing he would have been able to throw a few more.

Today's game seems like a fitting end to a terrible season, and I am just glad it is over. Now we can look ahead to what coaching changes will happen during the off-season, and Miami can begin their quarterback search yet again.

I am a little surprised at how bad our defense did against New England, though. I didn't think our offense would do well, but I did think our defense would be pretty good. Apparently not, though, as they allowed New England to score 38 points and dominate the time of possession.

When Tyler Thigpen went in for Chad Henne he actually played pretty well. What impressed me most about Thigpen was his willingness to take risks. Unlike Henne, he actually threw the ball up there and let his receiver take a chance and go for the ball. He hasn't won the starting spot for next year yet, but I think he should be given a fair shot at it,

Miami's offensive line also played terrible, and they reinforced a lot of the things you guys have been saying with your comments in the past few weeks. The offensive line has some obvious flaws, and those flaws will need to be fixed during the off-season if the Dolphins want to be any good.

We can now say that the Miami Dolphins season is finally over. I know it was a frustrating one, but I see better things to come for the Dolphins in the future.

Hang in there guys, and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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Happy New Year From Dolphin Shout!

2011 is finally here, and I wanted to take a minute to wish every one of my readers out there a Happy New Year.

I don't know about you guys, but I am excited about the future of the Miami Dolphins. All we need are a few changes, and we can become one of the best teams in the league.

I know this year has been frustrating, but trust me on this one. Just hang in there, because the Dolphins still have a bright future ahead of them.

I would like to thank each and every one of you guys and girls for supporting me. You may not think that you are "supporting" me by reading the blog, but trust me you are. It is fun writing about the Dolphins because I know that people will actually be reading what I am writing and responding with their own opinions.

So, thank you for reading and responding and I look forward to another year of following the Miami Dolphins with you guys.

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