As Another Season Comes To An End, The Miami Dolphins Must Watch The Playoffs From The Sidelines Again

Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Needs To Do More Than Just Bring In Tennis Players
Miami Dolphins fans have known this feeling all too well in the past decade. Miami has only made the playoffs once in the last nine years (from 2002-2010), and this once proud franchise and its fans have become used to losing.

If you look at the nine-year period before the most recent nine years (from 1993-2001), Miami made the playoffs seven out of those nine seasons.

A big reason for that lack of success has been the Dolphins quarterback search. In just the last eight years Miami has gone through seven different starting quarterbacks, and I certain that we will need another quarterback for next season.

It has been a never-ending cycle of finding a new quarterback, that quarterback not doing well, and then dumping him at the end of the season. What Miami must do is get their new starter from the first round of the draft. Joey Harrington was the only first-round quarterback that Miami has had in the last decade, and the only reason Miami got him was because it was the Lions who drafted him that early and he wasn't good enough for them to hang on to.

The Dolphins MUST use their 15th overall draft pick to either get a quarterback or use it to trade up and get an even better quarterback. I, personally, am not planning on buying any tickets to a game next season if they don't fix their quarterback situation. I know I am not the only one who feels that way, too, and we all know how much Stephen Ross hates empty seats.

Ross has tried way too hard to bring glamour into the franchise and has not focused enough on bringing in wins. After that Head Coach debacle that Ross put us through these past few days, he better be ready to do something really good during the offseason to make us forget this week.

I for one have gotten tired of the mediocrity. It is time to make something big happen. Ross did a good job last offseason by bringing in Brandon Marshall, but now he needs to do an even better job this offseason by bringing in a good quarterback and a good offensive coordinator that will actually be able to score points.

We are all waiting Mr. Ross. It is time to see what you can do.

I encourage you guys to write letters to Stephen Ross with your opinions on what he has done and what you think he should do. Here is the address you can write to to reach him:

Miami Dolphins
ATTN: Stephen Ross
7500 SW 30th Street
Davie, Florida, 33314.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what your impressions of the current state of the Miami Dolphins organization is.

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