The Bill Parcells Scandal: Just Go Away Already And Leave The Miami Dolphins Alone

A few days ago, Bill Parcells admitted that current Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan was the runner-up for the Miami Dolphins Head Coaching position behind Tony Sparano.

To me, this looks like Parcells is just trying to cover up for his mistakes in Miami. He knew that he messed up the job he was supposed to do when he joined the Dolphins, which is why he left early, and now he is trying to make it seem like he was the reason the Jets are successful now.

Parcells claims that he called Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and convinced him to hire Ryan as Head Coach. All of this happened while he was still in Miami as the Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Basically, what he is saying is that he helped one of the Miami Dolphins bitter rivals hire a good coach that would make them very, very successful while still pretending to be working in the Dolphins favor.

Stephen Ross should read over Parcells contract that he signed when he joined the Dolphins, and see if there is some clause or agreement in it that prevents Parcells from helping division rivals, because that is exactly what he did.

It was like he was committing treason to his country, but instead of his country it is was Dolphins organization that he was with at the time.

And then, what did Parcells do 20 months after he basically "cheated" on the Miami Dolphins?

He left his position earlier than expected and became just a consultant for the team, all the while taking a bunch of money with him.

"Why did he leave so early?" You ask.

Well, he realized the team that he spent two years putting together wasn't going to be as good as he had planned on it being (mainly because of the quarterback he hand-picked). So, he decided to, essentially, cut his ties with the organization and escape the blame.

And guess who didn't receive the blame after an unsuccessful season by the Miami Dolphins ended?

You guessed it, Parcells. Sparano was left as the scapegoat if things went wrong, and that is exactly what he was once the year ended.

Fans forgot about Bill Parcells and how he influenced the team before he left, and instead of Parcells taking the heat that he deserved, poor Tony Sparano almost lost his job while Parcells was still being paid for a job he wasn't doing for the Miami Dolphins.

Thankfully, we still have Tony, and we can see what he will be able to do with an offseason of his own where he can make his own decisions without Bill Parcells in the picture.

Even though we have had Tony for three seasons now, this fourth season will be the one that we are finally able to see what Tony Sparano will be able to do with a football team, and not just Bill Parcells using Sparano's heavily tinted glasses as a mask if things go wrong.

I want to thank you guys for reading the Bill Parcells scandal. What is so sickening about all of this is that Parcells helped the Jets more than he helped the Dolphins, and the Jets aren't even paying him. Something is wrong with that picture, and I want people to know about it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, though, and maybe it helped sway your opinion of the liar they call the "tuna". Let me hear your reactions with comments, and as always you can just email me at

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