I May Have Spoken Too Soon About Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll

I will admit that I may have spoken too soon about the Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll before I even got the chance to hear him talk.

I watched his introductory Press Conference with the Miami Dolphins, and I have to say that I am pretty impressed by him and his intensity.

You could just tell how intense and passionate he is about the game of football and his job by how he spoke and his body language throughout the conference.

We do not know yet what his offensive style will be this year, but I am more confident that whatever style it is will end up being successful. When a coach is fiery like Daboll, the players will reflect that intensity when they play. They will also tremendously respect him.

Players love to see a coach that will be just as passionate and energetic as them. Just watch this video to see a little bit about his energy:

While it was really funny to see him fall, it still shows us a little bit about Daboll as a coach. He is one of those coaches that chest bumps and high-fives his players, and that type of enthusiasm is contagious.

I will say again that I am not sure about his coaching style, but I still believe in Daboll more than when I was first learning about him because of his passion. It is hard not to be at least somewhat successful with that kind of passion, which is why I am more confident in him.

We will see how he does. The Miami Dolphins could still very well end up being unproductive and terrible again, but that might not be the case after.

I have also included Daboll's press conference for those of you who have the time to watch it. It is just under 10 minutes long, and you can just watch the second half of the video if you just want to see Daboll.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think about Daboll with a comment.

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