Miami Dolphins Give Jeff Ireland A Contract Extension

Jeff Ireland has received a multi-year contract extension as the General Manager for the Miami Dolphins according to their website. They did not say how many years the contract extension added on, but I have a feeling we will see Ireland here for a while.

I know many people don't believe in Ireland, but I think he has done a pretty good job bringing in players. With the exception of Chad Henne and a few other draft mistakes, Ireland has been able to bring in a lot of hidden talent as evidenced by players like Cameron Wake and Davone Bess.

He also played a part in bringing in the talent Miami has at defense. I am not sure how much of a role he played, but I feel like he had to have a good bit of influence when it came to bringing in talent.

I know Ireland hasn't always had the best past (i.e. the Dez Bryant mother accusations), but I feel like he has been a good GM since he's been here.

There is also the problem of his relationship with Tony Sparano. I have heard a lot of talk about them not liking and not have a good relationship with each other. Even Tony acknowledged in the roundtable discussion announcing his own extension that he expected their to be arguments between the two, but he also said that those arguments were a good thing and that they were necessary to be productive.

So, until we start hearing about the two arguing about things other than football, I don't see a problem with it.

Let me know what you guys think about giving Ireland the extension. I know many of you dislike him pretty strongly, so tell me why.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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