Miami Dolphins Lose Embarrassing Game 38-7 Against Patriots

Well, the good thing that we got out of this game is that Chad Henne has finally been benched. Henne was only in the game long enough to throw one interception, but I am confident that if he kept playing he would have been able to throw a few more.

Today's game seems like a fitting end to a terrible season, and I am just glad it is over. Now we can look ahead to what coaching changes will happen during the off-season, and Miami can begin their quarterback search yet again.

I am a little surprised at how bad our defense did against New England, though. I didn't think our offense would do well, but I did think our defense would be pretty good. Apparently not, though, as they allowed New England to score 38 points and dominate the time of possession.

When Tyler Thigpen went in for Chad Henne he actually played pretty well. What impressed me most about Thigpen was his willingness to take risks. Unlike Henne, he actually threw the ball up there and let his receiver take a chance and go for the ball. He hasn't won the starting spot for next year yet, but I think he should be given a fair shot at it,

Miami's offensive line also played terrible, and they reinforced a lot of the things you guys have been saying with your comments in the past few weeks. The offensive line has some obvious flaws, and those flaws will need to be fixed during the off-season if the Dolphins want to be any good.

We can now say that the Miami Dolphins season is finally over. I know it was a frustrating one, but I see better things to come for the Dolphins in the future.

Hang in there guys, and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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