The Miami Dolphins Must Not Pursue Carson Palmer

I am not sure whether or not Stephen Ross, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano are actually considering whether or not to try and bring in current Bengals QB Carson Palmer, but I really hope they aren't.

Palmer has been able to put up good numbers throughout his career, but he just hasn't been able to win. He has never won a playoff game after 8 years in the NFL, and bringing him in would only provide a one or two year (at best) bandage for Miami's quarterback woes.

Not only that, but it would keep Miami from a shot at a bunch of other really good quarterback prospects available this offseason. It would be a waste of an opportunity if the Dolphins just decided to settle for Palmer instead of going after a better player like Ryan Mallett, Cam Newton, Kevin Kolb, or Vince Young.

Bengals owner Mike Brown has said that he doesn't want to trade Palmer, but I doubt that he will actually try and force Palmer into retirement. He will try and trade Palmer for some type of value instead of just losing him.

So, cross your fingers Miami Dolphins fans, and hope that we don't hear Carson Palmer and the Miami Dolphins mentioned together in the news at all in the next few months.

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